A New, Deadly but Cute Animal is Coming to Chattbir Zoo Under Exchange Programme

Hey Folks! A Great New for Animal Lovers in Chandigarh, Now, you will be able to see a Wolf at Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, famously known as Chattbir Zoo in Chandigarh. According to the sources the Wolf has been brought in under an animal exchange program and is going to be a star attraction of the Zoo.

As it is the first time that Wolf is going to added in the inventory of Chattbir Zoo, Chandigarh, it is expected that it will definitely become a star attraction for all the visitors. Earlier Chattbir Zoo came in news for adding Ostrich, Star Tortoise, Grey Pelican, and Mouse deer.

Chattbir Zoo Chandigarh to house a Wolf 

As per the sources and the news, the wolf is going to be added in an inventory of Chattbir Zoo for people of Chandigarh to see it walking around. The officials of Chattbir Zoo Chandigarh said that they are bringing the creature under the exchange programme from Jaipur Zoo and this exchange is going to be two is to one. Now, where, Chattbir Zoo is going to welcome wolf, there, it is going to part its way with the Musk Deer and Barasingha. Since last year, Chattbir Zoo, Chandigarh, has received quiet a large set of wild animals under the exchange programme with Hyderabad Zoo and Bannerghatta Zoo in Bangalore along with the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Kattupakkan.

In aid of this exchange programme, now, Chattbir Zoo is home to a lioness, Sarus Crane and Mouse Deer. No doubt we all are happy to entertain these new additions in the inventory, but it was sad too to part ways with Asiatic Black Beer, Goral and White Buck in exchange with Hyderabad Zoo.

Also, in the exchange with the Bannerghatta Zoo in Bangalore, Chattbir Zoo exchanged Assamese Macaque, Goral and White Buck with Tiger, Grey Pelican and Star Tortoise. Under the same programme with Tamil Nadu Agricultural university, Kattupakkam Chattbir Zoo welcomed Ostriches.

Since past year or too the Chattbir Zoo in Chandigarh has extended its arm to gather together several different species including wild ones. With the plan of extending the variety for folks to see, it is still carrying on the plan to add more variety of species in its inventory.

Source – TOI


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