Chhatbir Zoo (Chandigarh) | Lions Hunt a Man & Drag him to Death

Mohali: A 25-year-old man has been mauled by Lions to death at Chhatbir Zoo located in Zirakpur yesterday (20 Jan). An unidentified man trespassed the area and then he was attacked by a lion (Yuvraj) and lioness (Shilpa) at Chhatbir Zoo nearby Chandigarh area. Soon after he was rushed to Dera Basi Civil Hospital, doctors declared him brought dead.

As of now, Zirakpur Police has been investigating the case and trying to find out the identity of the victim. Lion and Lioness who hunt the man at the Lion Safari of Chhatbir Zoo has been enclosed in their caves. Even Police has yet conducted the postmortem of the victim, as they have been waiting for his family members.

Lions dragged Man to death at Chhatbir Zoo Lion Safari

As far as the incident is concerned, An unidentified man around 25-year-old who was not a visitor and entered the same from the jungle area was first attacked by the lioness at his neck. Then afterwards the lion held him from his head, as seen by the visitors. The incident took place around 2.20 pm and the man was rescued from the lions at around 2.28 pm.

As per reports, bus drivers who tour visitors in Safari was the first to notice the incident. Then they only informed the guards and other officials of Chhatbir Zoo regarding the incident. Afterwards, the quick action team came to rescue the man. The team comprised of 2 zookeepers, 3 guards and 2 range officers, who continuously blew the horn of their vehicle until lions free their prey. The moment lions left the victim, the team immediately pulled him inside the bus and took him to the Hospital.

According to the officials, the victim may have entered the area from Ghagger River and scaled 25 feet high boundary. Also official has been assuming that the man may have drunk or mentally unstable as its impossible for any person to enter the place from Ghaggar river dam.

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After the incident, Chhatbir Zoo Lion Safari was immediately closed for the visitors and Police started their investigation. Police found Rs. 280 in the pocket of the victim and rags tied around him. Apart from these, Police did not get an identity card from the victim’s pocket. As of now, Police have been investigating in nearby villages of Chhatbir Zoo (Chandigarh) to know the identity of the man.

Even the postmortem of the body has not been conducted yet as Police have been waiting for the person to claim the body. Whereas if nobody claims the body after 72 hours, then the Police will further move ahead with the postmortem.


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