Oldest Lion of Chhatbir Zoo, Chandigarh Dies & It’s Sad

People visiting Chhatbir Zoo will not be able to hear the roar of the oldest lion which was there since the last 25 years. The oldest lion of Mahendra Chaudhry Zoological Park, named “Rocky” has died. The Asiatic lion, who was popularly known as ‘Rocky’ took his last breath on Sunday. He was 25 years old. He was given a tearful adieu by the zoo authorities and was cremated in the zoo premises itself. According to the zoo officials, Rocky reached to the highest life expectancy of Asiatic lion and died a peaceful death. Although

According to the zoo officials, Rocky reached to the highest life expectancy of Asiatic lion and died a peaceful death. Although it’s a sad demise of the animal and not only the zoo authorities but the visitors of the zoo will also miss this only Asiatic lion of the Chhatbir Zoo in Chandigarh.

Rocky & His Life at Chhatbir Zoo

‘Rocky’ was the cross breed of African and Asiatic lion species and was the last Asiatic- African hybrid lion of the Chhtabir Zoo. He was born in the lion safari of the zoo, when there was more than 85 lions in the zoo. He grew up in the lion safari and 4-5 years before he was removed from the safari and was kept separately.

Rocky was the only Asiatic lion that survived so long in terms of his age. Mostly the Asiatic lion use to survive till the age 18- 20 years, but Rocky reached his life expectancy and reached 25 years of age.

The Reason behind his death?

The oldest lion ‘Rocky’ had blinked his eye last by 4 PM on Sunday. No activity was found after this. After confirming the death of this lion at Chhatbir Zoo in Chandigarh, the authorities conducted a postmortem and the postmortem report said that the lion died due to chronic senile changes. He had developed

He had developed cataract in both the eyes because of his age. His teeth were completely worn out and his canines had also been flattened. Not only this, in recent days, he was fed with semi- boiled soft meat, instead of usual hard meat. From last 3 days, he didn’t had anything and was on supportive treatment, which includes minerals, vitamins and tonics.

After the death of this oldest lion ‘Rocky’, Chhatbir Zoo is left with only 4 young lions, that includes one male and 3 females.

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