Chic Embroidered Blouse Designs for Plain Sarees

Many women have plain sarees in their wardrobe and the only thing they don’t have is a beautiful blouse to pair it with. The best thing about plain sarees is that you can experiment with so many styles till you get the one you desire. You can select the perfect blouse that will transform the plain saree to give you a breathtaking look. 

You don’t need to wear a designer or couture saree to every function. All you need is a beautifully embroidered blouse to take your plain saree to a whole new level. Be innovative and get your creative juices flowing. Plain sarees are versatile sarees that you can style as per your taste and requirement especially when it comes to choosing a blouse. Embroidered blouses come in different colours, patterns, and designs. The unique patterns on them are very attractive and stylish that add some glitz to your plain saree.

If you are looking to style your plain saree with chic embroidered blouses that will glam up your look then here is the place to be. These are some beautifully embroidered blouses to pair with your plain saree.

Full embroidered cold shoulder blouse

 Cold shoulder blouses are becoming popular with each passing day. Many celebrities are trying out this blouse design and you shouldn’t be left out. Try pairing this chic full embroidered cold shoulder blouse to complement your plain saree.

Cape sleeve blouse with a deep back

The deep back design on this blouse redefines how you see deep cut designs. When paired with a plain saree this blouse will give you an incredible look that draws out the best in you. Go for gold or silver hues that highlight your beauty.

Full embroidered elbow length sleeve blouse

A fully embroidered elbow length sleeve blouse adds a refreshing mix to your plain saree. The embroidered sleeves give a different look to the entire outfit. 

Heavy work embroidered blouse

You can easily mix and match this heavy work embroidered blouse with many sarees which also makes for a good investment. Pair this lovely embroidered blouse with a plain pattu saree to give you an elegant look.

Floral embroidered blouse

Most ladies love blouses with floral prints and embroidered works. You can wear this blouse with daily wear or party wear saree. Go for plain cotton sarees with tangerine, coral and other beautiful shades of orange that will blend in well with a floral embroidered blouse.

Deep and broad back neck gold embroidered blouse

A heavily embroidered gold blouse with a deep and broad neck design paired with a plain saree takes the entire outfit to a whole new level. Accessorize the outfit with a big accessory and you are ready to go out and party.

Sheer embroidered blouse with a boat neckline

This sheer embroidered blouse will make you look like a diva. The illusive boat neckline on this gorgeous sheer blouse will instantly spruce up your plain saree and give you a diva look. 

Black and gold embroidered blouse

Preferred by many saree lovers, this black and gold embroidered blouse has an amazing way of instantly changing the look of your plain saree to give it a rich look. Apart from a plain silk saree, you can pair this black and gold embroidered blouse with a sheer or chiffon saree and still look extravagant. 

Embroidered silk blouse

This magnificent silk embroidered blouse will look pretty good with a plain georgette or chiffon saree. This blouse is perfect for ladies who don’t care for a saree with too much work done on it. This is a beautiful blouse that you can add to your plain saree blouse collection.

Silk blouse with neck and sleeve embroidery

Silk blouses with neck and sleeve embroidery are becoming very popular with young ladies. You will mostly see them worn to weddings or special occasions. If you want to be the most elegant and best-styled person at a special occasion, try pairing your plain saree with a silk blouse in contrasting hues that you can get at any Shop for an elegant saree style.

Cape sleeve blouse with beads embroidery

Bead embroidery is an old traditional way of decorating blouses that have been infused with modern designs to bring out the beauty in any blouse. Find new ways of giving your plain saree a different look by going for a cape sleeve blouse decorated with beads. 

One side embroidered blouse

One side embroidered blouses are contemporary designs that are slowly finding a place in many women’s wardrobes due to their beautiful design patterns. They add a rich look to your otherwise plain saree. 

Earring embroidered sleeve pattern blouse

There is no better way to wear your plain saree than with an embroidered sleeve blouse with gorgeous detailing. Pair this blouse with plain silk, georgette or chiffon sareeto achieve a stunning look.

Cape sleeve bird and cage embroidered blouse

The intricate bird and cage embroidery done all over this stunning blouse is exquisite. Pair this stunning blouse with a plain saree so that all the attention goes to the blouse. You can accessorize the outfit with simple jewellery to avoid overdoing.

Sleeveless floral embroidered blouse

A lovely sleeveless floral embroidered blouse is a refreshing look if you can mix and match with various sarees or experiment with different hues to find the one that suits you best. A floral weaved blouse changes the look of your plain saree and adds some colour to it.

Silk cut out back blouse with tassels

Pair this lovely silk cut out back blouse with a plain zari or gold border saree for an amazing look. The beautiful tassel design on the back spruces up a plain saree and gives you a different look every time you wear it. 


Now that you have a clue of the wide variety of embroidered blouses you can pair with your plain saree, feel free to experiment to get your preferred choice. There are many designs of embroidered blouses you can pair with a not so plain saree and still look elegant.


Shrutika Potwar

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