5 Chilling Drinks to Beat Chandigarh’s Heat This Summer

These days, the temperature during the daytime is soaring upto 42 degrees Celcius in Chandigarh. The people are going crazy in the sweltering hot weather whenever they have to step out from their houses.

Sipping on cold drinks and shakes tastes good to your palate but regular intake of these artificially made coolers and drinks can add extra calories to your body that will harm you in the longer run. Consuming natural and non-processed drinks that are made easily at home are the best option to stay hydrated during the summer season.

5 Chilling Drinks to Beat Chandigarh’s heat

Though the temperature will keep on rising in the next couple of months too but here we bring to you 5 best chilling drinks for summer that will make you feel cool and hydrated.

Lemonade or Shikanji

Remember the days, when we were kids and returned home from school thinking that the mommy made lemonade will only quench our thirst in hot humid days of summer. Lemonade which is popularly known as Nimbu Paani is the cheap and best chilling drink for summer that will give you some respite from the heat and will keep you well hydrated. Though many ready made easy to make variants are readily available in the market but nothing tastes best than a freshly squeezed lime in icy cool water. Lemonade is the sweeter version of nimbu pani while the salty version is known as shikanji.

Aam Panna or Jaljeera 

With the onset of summer comes the season of raw mangoes that is used to make aam panna (raw mango juice) other than making chutney and aam papads. Aam panna is another variant of summer coolers that will help to beat the heat while maintaining your body temperature. This chilling drink for summer can be easily made at home, can be stored for a month and taste best with little sweet and salty flavour. Some people love to add mint to it and making it into Jaljeera.

Sugarcane Juice 

We have often seen the vendor selling sugarcane juice on the roads, which is again a very good option of the best chilling drink for summer to stay cool, hydrated and filling. In mere Rs 10 or Rs 15 you can get a glass full of sugarcane juice that has full fibre, vitamic C, and natural sugar. If you don’t find drinking sugarcane juice hygienic enough then you can directly eat the sugarcane and enjoy the explosion of juicy treat in your mouth.

Banta or Lemon soda 

‘Tu hai sode ki bottle, main banta tera’….The famous song Jabra Fan from the movie Fan also has the description of banta in it as it denotes the strong fizz and sparkling flavour into the mouth of the drinker. We often see the arrayed bottles of banta in two flavours- lemon and orange on the roadside. It is the best drink to chill out with this summer season. Banta is a street styled lemon soda that is made with soda and adding a dash of fresh lemon and special masala into it. In the scorching heat, this is the best cooler to relish and save yourself from getting inflicted by summer loo (heat stroke).

Lassi or Chhach 

Lassi is not only the signature drink of Punjab but it comes handy when you want to beat the heat during hot summery weather. Made from curd (dahi), lassi is a sweetened cool drink that is made in every home during summer season. This is one of the apt chilling drink that can be made at home easily at the cost of peanuts. Chhach is the salty version of it and is made with buttermilk, jeera (cumin), rock salt and ginger. It is equally relished by one and all during summer days.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these easy to make coolers this summer season and the beat the heat in your own style.

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