Chita Lahu (New Punjabi Song) 2017 by Raj Ranjodh | Official Video

New Punjabi song titled as Chita Lahu (White Blood) has been out on Youtube and mp3 version by Raj Ranjodh. The song has been dedicated to the youth of Punjab, who all are indulge in drugs and alcoholism. Within 4 days of the release of the Punjabi song Chita Lahu, the video went on trending and has crossed 1 million views on Youtube.

Raj Ranjodh is a multi-talented person in Punjabi industry, he has not only voiced the new song Chita lahu but has also penned the lyrics & composed the music for the same. Earlier also Raj Ranjodh has been seen as an artist and lyricist in many Punjabi songs like- Gediyan, Redua, Kaptaan, Attwadi, Jatt Rakhi and many more. And with his new song video Chita Lahu, Raj Ranjodh will give you goosebumps.

New Punjabi Song Chita Lahu by Raj Ranjodh

Video of the new Punjabi song Chita Lahu showcases a family grievances whose young boy has indulged in drugs & alcoholism. It depicts the drugs not only kills a single person but takes the happiness of whole family. From a mother to his wife, father to his sisters’ everyone in the family has been stunned by the tragic death of a young boy of the family.

Details of Chita lahu song

Singer: Raj Ranjodh

Music: Raj Ranjodh

Lyrics: Raj Ranjodh

Video by: Stalinveer

Label: Desiest Music

Chita lahu start with the lyrics- ‘Changa bhala munda chobiyan da ho leya, kehde nashe maaye tera putt kho leya’. And the tagline of the song is like- Bapu vekhe viniyan baahan nu nao ke, lahu niklya ke drug nikli’.

Official Video of Chita Lahu (Punjabi Song)

Click on the play button to check out the mesmerizing video of the Raj Ranjodh’s new Punjabi track Chita lahu. Its for sure that the video will give you goosebumps.

From a father’s sorrow to a wife’s tears, the video of Chita lahu had catered all the emotions of a family. We want our Punjab to be drug-free as it not only takes one life but leaves a huge sorrow for a life for the whole family.

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