Chitta Kukkad by Neha Bhasin (New Punjabi Song) | Official Video Out

Singer Neha Bhasin releases new reprise version of traditional Punjabi song Chitta Kukkad

Neha Bhasin is back with the new version of traditional Punjabi song Chitta kukkad on youtube & mp3. And the revamped version of Punjabi wedding song Chitta kukkad by Neha Bhasin has been soothing track. Although the lyrics has been as it is, the music has been made much soothing than the traditional one. The new Punjabi song chitta kukkad by Neha Bhasin has been available for download from various websites as well.

Previously, Neha Bhasin has recorded many traditional Punjabi tracks like Chan mahi, akh kashni, madaniya, nai jaana & many more that have been a hit from her. And similarly, it has been expected that Chitta kukkad will be a superhit. Scroll till the end & watch out the official video of Neha Bhasin’s Chitta Kukkad.

Latest Punjabi song: Neha Bhasin’s Version of Chitta Kukkad

Official video of the latest version of traditional Punjabi song features Neha Bhasin & in a very attractive avatar. And she owned the full screen in the official new video of mesmerizing Punjabi song Chitta kukkad. For sure the location & video of the track will make willing to be at the place. Watch out & experience the totally new era with the fresh official video of Neha Bhasin’s Chitta Kukkad song. Really don’t miss if you are a fan!

Chitta Kukkad song by Neha Bhasin

Singer: Neha Bahsin

Backing Vocal: Rashi Bagai

Music: Sameer Uddin

Director: Prayrit Seth

Label: 5am Studio

Lyrics of Neha Bhasin’s Chitta Kukkad song has been the same as the traditional one like- chitta kukkad banere te kashni dupatte waliye munda sadke tere te, kashni dupatte waliye munda sadke tere te, sari kheed lakiran di gaadi ayi station te ankh pij gyi veeran di. And the soothing music of revamped version of Chitta Kukkad song has been composed by Sameer Uddin.

Official Video of Reprised Version of Chitta Kukkad song by Neha Bhasin

Once again singer Neha Bhasin comes up with the reprised version of Punjabi folk song Chitta Kukkad on youtube. Neha Bhasin’s fan cheer up with joy the queen of melodious voice is back again with Chitta Kukkad. Click on the play button below & watch the official video of new Punjabi song Chitta kukkad by Neha Bhasin.

Likewise her previous tracks, Chitta kukkad by Neha Bhasin also has some revised form of music & video, which will make you listen to it on repeat mode. And hope to listen up many more tradition Punjabi songs in the voice of Neha Bhasin.


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