7 Characteristics of Chandigarh Guys That Make Them Unique

Chandigarh gabrus are handsome and well-dressed men who know how to ban thanke tashan me rehna. Driving in their SUVs, Chandigarh men can easily make a girl’s heart skip a beat with their charm, wit, and humor. Here are some common yet unique characteristics of Chandigarh guys that are difficult to be found anywhere in the world.

Daadi (beard) Mei Toh Jaan Basti Hai

Chandigarh guys are metrosexual and love to spend on grooming. You can often find them in the salon. Maybe even more then women. Chandigarh guys love to keep a beard and trim it every week just to get that perfect chiseled look.

Gedi – Shedi

If you are a true Chandigarhian, you will know the importance of Gedi route. All guys in Chandigarh, at some point in their lives, must have taken gedis of Sector 8, 9 and 10 just to check out the hot patolas of Chandigarh.

Love for branded clothes

One can always find spick and span men in Chandigarh who love to be dressed like a celebrity. Chandigarh men love to spend money on clothes and can be seen picking up designer outfits. Sikh guys too beautifully match their turbans with the colour of their shirts.

Tu Jaanta nahi Mei Kaun Hun

It is a very common site on roads, college or in any office where you can find Chandigarh people often flaunting to have a political connection. Chandigarh guys love to think that they own the city. Men in Chandigarh have a separate budget allocated to be spent only on their vehicles. They take pride in their Audis and bullets and in fact love to spend on VIP numbers.

Bhai Kuch Khayega

Chandigarh men might die of over eating but will never be hungry. The boys of Chandigarh love to live life – king size and the daily routine includes one meal at a café at Gedi route or at some restaurant which often consists of delicious chicken or other dishes.

Peg – Sheg toh Zaroori Hai

This even came out in a survey. More than 50% of people in Chandigarh consume alcohol. Ab chahe ghar pe pata ho ya na, whiskey, rum, vodhka ya fir beer are their favourite drinks. And yes, the pet dialogue in such cases is yaar bana koi scene or Daaru ka kya scene hai?

Party Karna Hamari Shaan hai

Chandigarh has a good nightlife. Boys in Chandigarh love to party and that’s the reason why this city is flooded with a zillion cafes, lounge and bars. If not in a disc, then you might get a chance to see guys in Chandigarh doing road side bhangra.

Well, Jassi Sidhu’s very famous Punjabi song, “Chandigarh kare aashiqui” portrays a clear image of Chandigarh men who are in love with themselves and their swag and would go to any extent to achieve it.

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