Chrysanthemum Flower Show 2016 at Terraced Garden, Chandigarh

Chrysanthemum Show is all set to hit the city beautiful Chandigarh for the year 2016 at Sector 33 Terraced Garden. The 3-day event termed as “Chrysanthemum Show 2016” is also known as ‘Chandigarh Flower Festival’. This is an annual event that rocks Chandigarh every year in the month of December. Like its previous versions, Chrysanthemum Show 2016 is expected to witness a huge rush of Chandigarh residents as this flower show is one such event that just cannot be missed.

Chrysanthemum Show 2016, Chandigarh

Chandigarh Flower Show 2016

Date: 9th, 10th and 11th December, 2016.

Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Time: 9 AM to 6 PM.

Venue: Terraced Garden, Sector 33, Chandigarh.

Entry Fee: Free.

Chrysanthemum Show 2016 | Event Details

The 3 days Chrysanthemum Show 2016 will be a huge one and everyday visitors will get some new things for their entertainment and enhance their knowledge. People of Chandigarh will get to see some unique culture and flowers from Punjab and Haryana.

  • 8th December 2016- Arrangements of Chrysanthemum grown up pots (Govt., Semi Govt.bodies, Institutions, Nurseries and Amateurs) are invited to participate from 8 AM to 1 PM.
  • 9th December 2016- Inauguration by worthy Home Secretary of UT Chandigarh at 11 AM.
  • 11th December- Floral quiz with emphasis on Chrysanthemum (11 AM to 1 PM), Cultural programme ( 2 PM to 3 PM) and Prize distribution at 3:30 PM.
  • Show details: Dec 9 (12 noon to 6 PM), Dec 10 (9 AM to 6 PM) and Dec 11 (9 AM to 6 PM). Everyone is invited.

Attractions at Chandigarh Flower Show, Terraced Garden

Chrysanthemum Show 2016 not only focuses on any particular age group, but it has something for everyone. Youngster visit this show to witness the vibrant environment, Couples walk around the lawn and click pics and older people see the variety of flowers and enjoy the nature.

Chrysanthemum Flower Show 2016 will showcase something for everyone to attract them. Color and fragrance of the flowers will be a treat for your eyes. The main attraction of Chrysanthemum Show 2016, Chandigarh include:

  • Varieties of Chrysanthemum flower.
  • Animal figures made by flowers.
  • Cultural programme.
  • Rangoli made by flowers.
  • Quiz competition.
  • Knowledge about flowers and gardening.
  • Statues showcasing the culture of Punjab as well as Haryana.
  • Water fountain.
  • Flower arrangements.
  • Flower exhibition.

Apart from these, food lovers will get some yummy food from different states to relish their taste buds.

From each and every event that takes place in Chandigarh, Chrysanthemum Flower Show is one such event other than Rose Festival that is loved by everyone and visited by thousands of people. Chrysanthemum Show is being organized by Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh every year in the month of December. Get ready for this winter treat and be there at Chandigarh Flower Festival 2016 being held at Terraced Garden in Sector 33.


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