Complete List of Cleanest Cities of India According to Swachh Survekshan Survey 2017

Swachh Survekshan 2017 declared a list of “Cleanest cities in India” in a recent survey that they conducted at a national level for the second time since the announcement of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” by our worthy PM Modi.

In his vision of making Indian cities to be cleanest of all, the mission did not cease to exist at the announcement level itself but proper implementation and quality checks are also being carried out. One such massive survey that revealed the cleanest cities’ list of 2017 in India has declared their results today.

About Swachh Survekshan 2017 – Cleanest Cities of India

Swachh Survekshan launched under Ministry of Urban Development conducted a survey in 2017 to keep a quality check as to how clean a particular Indian city is. Based on the survey conducted, markings are done and ranks are allotted to declare the cleanest of all the cities in Indian sub-continent. Declaration of results of recent survey in 2017 shows tremendous amounts of achievement by leaps and bounds. The facts can be corroborated from the survey wherein the cities which did not even make it to the list of the last survey are being ranked among the top few cities of India termed as ‘cleanest cities of India.”

Cleanest Cities in India of 2017

Sounds as fancy as it seems, but doesn’t the happiness quotient of residents of a particular city rise when their surroundings are clean? It surely does, and by a whopping margin. Yeah, we can’t calculate as to ‘how much’ of the abstract feeling of happiness prevails, but what one gets assurance of is the fact that a great weightage i.e. of atleast 30% is assigned in the survey to mark the city based on “the views of its residents.”

Here’s what the complete list of Top 30 “Cleanest cities in India of 2017” looks like. Swachh Survekshan Survey 2017.

Rank      City                                        State

  1.        Indore                                 Madhya Pradesh
  2.        Bhopal                                Madhya Pradesh
  3.        Vishakhapatnam              Andhra Pradesh
  4.        Surat                                   Gujarat
  5.       Mysuru                                Karnatka
  6.       Tiruchirapalli                     Tamil Nadu
  7.       New Delhi                           New Delhi
  8.       Navi Mumbai                     Maharashtra
  9.       Tirupati                               Andhra Pradesh
  10.       Vadodara                            Gujarat
  11.       Chandigarh                        Punjab/Haryana
  12.       Ujjain                                  Madhya Pradesh
  13.       Pune                                    Maharashtra
  14.       Ahmedabad                       Gujarat
  15.       Ambikapur                         Chhatisgarh
  16.       Coimbatore                        Tamil Nadu
  17.       Khargone                            Madhya Pradesh
  18.       Rajkot                                  Gujarat
  19.       Vijaywada                           Andhra Pradesh
  20.       Gandhinagar                      Gujarat
  21.       Jabalpur                              Madhya Pradesh
  22.       Hyderabad                          Telangana
  23.       Sagar                                    Madhya Pradesh
  24.       Murwara (Katni)               Madhya Pradesh
  25.       Navsari                                Gujarat
  26.       Vapi                                      Gujarat
  27.       Gwalior                                Madhya Pradesh
  28.       Warangal                             Telangana
  29.       Mumbai                               Maharashtra
  30.       Suryapet                              Telangana

Cleanest Cities in India, Survey Criteria 2017

What makes Indore & Bhopal top the list and Mumbai to be at 29th position is the criteria of assessment. Interestingly, the survey was carried out in 400+ cities at a pan India level with considering at least views from 72% of the population from each. The rankings are done based on judgements made on the following listed criteria that take into account in assigning marks to a particular city of India as clean: (Swachh Survekshan 2017 Survey)

  • Urban Sanitation
  • Waste collection, sweeping and transportation management system
  • Processing and Disposal of Waste
  • Toilets
  • Information and education of public
  • Behavioural change among locals

Cleanest Cities in India in 2017, Areas of Assessment

The final marks for Swachh Survekshan Survey 2017 were calculated by incorporating individual marks of three areas by assigning fixed weightages to each for the sake of transparency and accountability. The three governing areas are:

  1. Data procured by Municipal Body of the area carrying around 900 marks
  2. Data Collection via personal and direct observations and assessments carried out independently carrying 500 marks
  3. Collection of Feedback from local citizens carrying 600 marks
  4. Finally, combining all of the above to generate marks and ranks

After all this, what we know of is that “Swachh Bharat” launch was not an eye-wash. Not restricting themselves merely on papers, the groundwork has been done, the base has been set, foundations have been laid and what we see now are the quality checks and rankings incorporating a healthy fight among cities battling to be No. 1 to be the cleanest city of all in India year by year. Synonymous to a painting competition in a school wherein little kids storm their minds to get their creativity out to be ranked as No. 1 in Swachh Survekshan 2017 Survey.

No worries!!! Fostering healthy competition between cities to compete against one another to get top ranking in being the “cleanest city of India”, the survey aimed at judging the cities on various criteria, big or small , weightages had been assigned to all such criteria finally contributing to the overall marking and ranking system of a particular city in the list of “cleanest cities of India.”

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