After Mohali, Chandigarh Gets its First CNG Station

The second cleanest and greenest city in India – Chandigarh has got a new addition. It is a CNG Station in Sector 44, Chandigarh. Inaugurated by Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas, ‎Dharmendra Pradhan – people in Chandigarh will now be able to use CNG as a fuel in their cars. This eco-friendly natural gas (CNG) will help Chandigarh remain pollution free.

This CNG Station in Sector 44 Chandigarh is a joint venture of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. and Adani Gas Ltd. With an aim to provide CNG to over 30,000 vehicles, IOAGPL was applauded for promoting the use of natural gas. It is said that 30 more CNG stations would come up in Chandigarh during the next two years.

With the increasing pollution level across the country, the launch of these CNG stations in Chandigarh will play a key role in making the city beautiful a smart and a pollution free city.

How CNG Stations will help Chandigarh

Environment Friendly – CNG is considered as the cleanest burning transportation fuel available due to its low carbon content. Not only does it produce fewer emissions but also significantly fewer pollutants as compared to petrol or diesel. Also, evaporative emissions released whilst burning of Compressed Natural Gas is close to nil.

Low Fuel Cost – Use of CNG will result into approximately 50% savings over petrol/diesel. With fuel prices rising every fortnight, CNG is the best alternative to fuel vehicles.

Performance & Safety – Already in a gaseous state, CNG has an octane ranking of 130. It is noted that vehicles running on CNG have superior starting even in worst climatic conditions. So even if Chandigarh witnessesa harsh winter season, vehicles with CNG will not have any problem.

Boom for Public Transportation – With CNG coming in Chandigarh, it is also expected that the public transport in the city (local buses) might be switched over to CNG. This will help curb pollution.

CNG Cars in Chandigarh:

With the first CNG station coming to Chandigarh, it is expected that a lot of people woill get approved CNG kits in their cars as CNG is aconsidered to be a cheaper fuel as compared to petrol and diesel. Automobile Sector will record a great demand for CNG vehicles. Even the car manufactures might start selling company fitted CNG vehicles in Chandigarh as it happens in new Delhi.


Sakshi Sood

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