Private Coaching Classes in Chandigarh Banned From 8 AM to 3 PM

Starting from July 1 the private coaching centres will be completely forbidden to hold classes from 8am to 3pm in Chnadigarh. The Deputy Commissioner of UT has sternly directed all the private coaching centres of the city to not hold classes at the same time that of the schools. Both private and government school teachers have been involved in the coaching the students privately at school hours discouraging them from getting proper education. The UT administration start taking firm steps against the activity from July 1 to August 29.

Why The Interdiction

The Chandigarh Administration has prohibited the coaching centres for holding the classes from 8am to 3pm since it believes that its spoiling the students future and is making the true meaning of school education non-viable. Instead of attending school students these days go to their coaching centres and have more trust on them.

The students are paying double fees to get good education; one at the school and other at the coaching centre which is not correct. The science stream students are the ones who are seen frequenting the coaching classes more often and avoid going to school which lowers their attendance sequentially.

Chandigarh Administration & Private Coaching

The UT Deputy Commissioner, Ajit Balaji Joshi has directed all the local private coaching centres to not hold classes from the specified time frame for a period of 60 days. Only the students who have already given their final exams or have graduated from the schools are allowed to take up classes on any timings.

The UT education department has claimed that banning of private coaching classes held at the same time that of schools was done previously but the department failed to maintain records of the private tuition centres. So far no complaints have been lodged in the past years against the private coaching centres in Chandigarh regarding the violation of the rule.

The UT Cadre Education Employees Union Chandigarh has been against the private coaching centres for quite a long and believes that they prevent children from going to school and hamper their future. The Principal of GMSS school Sector 36 Chandigarh is very happy with the prohibition act of the UT administration and she feels that this will improve the attendance of the students at the schools.

Source: IndianExpress

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