Coliving – Fashion or Necessity?

There is no secret that large and densely populated cities do not always have affordable housing. Sometimes good options are booked a few hours after the ad is published.

In the process of evolution in the field of real estate, a new concept has appeared – coliving. It is a great way to live in a big city and not think about everyday problems. Therefore, many wish to find the best coliving NYC.

What Does it Mean?

Coliving is a new rental trend. Now it is not just a description of some way of living, it is a whole direction in the field of real estate, which is popular in large metropolitan areas.

Coliving is a large apartment where everyone has their own bedroom, and also has a common entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen, and toilet.

However, this type of residence has its own characteristics:

  • people with similar interests live in the same apartment;
  • access to a large coliving community;
  • luxury amenities;
  • lower cost of living compared to traditional cohabitation;
  • reducing conflicts between roommates.

Coliving has captured the new housing market in major cities of developed countries. Those who move to these major metropolitan areas usually look for shared accommodation to cut costs. Unfortunately, this way of living has a bad reputation.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a roommate that fits your lifestyle. There are conflicts about money, cleaning, guests and pets. It inevitably ruins the relationship.

Moreover, cost-cutting measures often mean that luxury amenities are not available to many new residents. In short, moving to a new city, and finding an apartment is a big and difficult job.

Coliving offers a solution to this problem. By matching residents indoors, providing cleaning services, custom leases, and offering luxury amenities, coliving companies make co-living an attractive option for new residents.

What Does the Coliving Space Look Like?

Coliving spaces are very diverse. However, as they are usually based in major cities, the background usually remains the same. Depending on the company you work with, you will have a wide range of accommodation options.

In some cities, you can find an ad for a 40-square meter bedroom in an apartment building, including a shared bathroom and common areas. The apartment may have several bedrooms.

Most coliving apartments have fully furnished common areas. You will usually find modern furniture and cool artwork.

They are decorated to make them as open and comfortable as possible.

You are welcome to bring your own items to liven up the bedroom. However, you don’t need to bring your essentials, such as toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, or paper towels.

There are also additional common areas in the room. These can be gyms and outdoor areas that can be used free of charge for all residents of the coliving center.

These amenities are more common in residential areas in apartment buildings or large houses.


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