A College Professor in Punjab Beaten Up By Female Students | Know Shocking Reason

In a shocking incident which came into picture recently, a professor of a college in Patiala, Punjab was beaten by the Female candidates of the College. The girls of the College located in Patiala, Punjab had beaten up the professor of their college recently who had allegedly sent them obscene messages.

The crime rates amongst women is on a rise these days and social media is emerging as a common platform where people tend to get harassed based on various grounds in terms of receiving bad and abusive comments, obscene texts and much more. Not only does these kinds of incidents need to be reported properly but also stricter laws guarding the same are the need of the hour.

Patiala College Professor Beaten For Sending Obscene Texts

Recently, a shocking incident was reported in the Government College for Girls, Patiala, Punjab. This incident took a really violent turn when the female students of the College took all the matter and law in their hands and ended up beating the professor who had been sending them sexually-explicit texts and messages. Though, this was an unusual sight in which the female students of the college were seen beating up their College Professor.

The video recording of this shocking incident which occurred at the Government College for Girls located in Punjab’s Patiala region was recorded as well and was further released as well. The video saw the professor trying to save himself from the students and the girls running behind him to hit and curse him.

Punjab is not the only place where various kinds of crimes against women have been reported. The recent news buzz has experienced a lot of hemious kinds of crimes taking place in large numbers against women.

Crime Against Women Within The Country On A Rise

A similar case in the National Capital was also reported where a professor from the famous JawaharLal Nehru University (JNU) was also arrested for the crime of sexually harassing the female students studying in the University. A while ago as well, there were various kinds of marches and protests held in wake of the continuous rape cases being registered in the country.

There are many cases which go unnoticed because of numerous reasons. Protection of Women in every circumstance is an immediate need and steps regarding the same on direct effect should be taken.


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