10 Colleges in Chandigarh Get Special Grant From Government of India

Chandigarh’s 10 colleges have been topping the list of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for being one of the best educational institutes in the region from many consecutive years. Awarded with Grade A by the NAAC, 10 of those colleges have been recently designated by the Central Government of India for “special grants” to improve its infrastructure and various other facilities furthermore. If records are to be considered almost 75% colleges in Chandigarh have been awarded with an A grade by the NAAC.

The Special Grants and Chandigarh Colleges 

Out of 75% colleges, the Central Government has chosen only 10 colleges of Tricity for the special grants, who have maintained their status and reputation constantly for last three years. The special grants of Rs 100 crore will be offered by the GoI under the Rashtriya Unchar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). According to RUSA only 25% of the city colleges have been given grade B by the NAAC and about 75% grade A, which makes the Tricity, Chandigarh the top city of India to have the most number of colleges accredited with Grade A.

Through these special grants, the Central Government wants the 10 nominated colleges to maintain their facilities and management in a more advanced way, so that it can keep its standards intact for future generations as well. The government will ensure that grants improve the infrastructure and different departments of studies and their facilities in the colleges to provide quality education and environment to the students.

Colleges Of Chandigarh & Their Eminence

The colleges of Chandigarh have gained their reputation at a very fast pace, right from their beginning, giving the country many great gems that we know today as famous actors, scientists, astronauts and politicians. Students from far off places come to Chandigarh to get educated in the top colleges of the country. And, being so much in demand, it becomes very important for the educational institutions to keep their infrastructure and facilities up-to-date.

Colleges like MCM DAV girls college based in Sector 36 has got a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 out of 4 by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, which is the highest among the other government colleges of Chandigarh. The NAAC awards the A grade to the colleges on the basis of evaluation of learning studies, extracurricular activities, examinations, research work, implementation of central schemes and assessment of learning studies. And if, the college meet the expectations of the Council, it gets awarded with unique financial special grants by the UGC in association with RUSA.

Source: TOI


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