Collision at Chandigarh International Airport Averted | It Was Vistara & Indian Air Force Plane

Air Traffic control of Chandigarh International Airport has done a commendable job in terms averting a collision that could claim around 150 lives.

In a successful attempt to avert the collision, an Indian Air force airplane about to land on the runway and a Vistara flight from Chandigarh to Delhi ready to take off from the same runway were sorted out in a jiffy due to the swiftness of decision taken by the Air Traffic control.

What Exactly Happened?

  • An Indian Air force cargo plane, IL-76 which had asked the ATC to grant them permission to undergo landing operation at the runway of International Airport of Chandigarh.
  • It was granted the permission which led to abort the “taking-off” operation of a Chandigarh to Delhi Vistara flight scheduled at the same time
  • The Vistara flight had already accelerated to take-off when it was notified to abort the mission and move through another gate to make way for the IAF IL-76 to land
  • The flight got delayed by 2 hours approximately from its scheduled departure to avoid the mishap
  • IAF IL-76 was given preference for landing over the private airline Vistara for take-off by ATC
  • The decision taken was implemented to ensure incorporation of safety norms for passengers

Safety First !!!

The Vistara flight was schedule to depart at 3:30 pm which got substantially delayed due to the decision. Moreover, lives of more than 150 travellers in the flight were at stake which had to be on top priority for ATC to take care of. Delaying the Vistara flight keeping in mind the safety of the travellers first by around 2 hours, the ATC has proven the fact that “Ensure Safety first, rest all can wait.” Finally, after all the clearances the flight took off at around 5:00 pm which got a sigh of relief for many.

Vistara Tweets About the Incident

Vistara too did not remain silent about the entire scenario and openly tweeted about the incident that happened at the Chandigarh International Airport. Vistara in its latest tweet said, “Regret the trouble, take off was aborted as per instructions from ATC at Chandigarh airport”, which was a great move in the direction of acceptance as to what caused trouble and openly issuing an apology for the caused inconvenience to the passengers.

Avoiding crashing of the two flights, the abortion of take off mission of this private airline was the sole option which ATC was left with. Implementing it in no time, our faith in the safety and security at the Chandigarh International Airport has been restored by manifold. Hats off !! to the precision in analysis, accuracy and proper implementation of the decision taken by Air Traffic control of Chandigarh International Airport.

Source: TOI

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