Color Me Food : Top 7 Mouthwatering Holi Dishes!

The festival of colors and joy is almost here. If planning to host a Grand Holi party then here are 7 divine Dishes to be in the menu for this festival:


How can anyone imagine a Holi Bash without some sugar syrup dripping gujiyas. As a kid, I remember my mother preparing well in advance for this day. Gujiya is sweet dumplings made of Samolina filled with Khoya and Dry fruits. They can be fried or baked as well.


If you want to witness some tipsy side of you, then Thandai is the drink to enjoy this festival. Originally its made with Hemp (Cannabis leaves) but mixed well with the goodness of milk and dry fruits it actually helps you to enjoy with full power.

Bhaang Pakora

Bhaang pakora served with green garlic chutney is definitely a great crunching option to be served with Thandai.

Bhalla Papdi Chaat

The cottony bhallas dipped in well churned dahi, green chutney and saunth (sweet chutney made with imli and sugar) is perfect to be served this season.

Holi is the festival to go Wild! Done with the traditional dishes and drink, now we take you to the level of madness few notches higher with these crazy alcoholic drinks!


This is actually the drink of gods, according to the vedas. Made with Vodka, Mojito mix, fresh chopped mint leaves mixed with Lime juice and Aam Panna makes it a neat and a Desi cocktail for Holi.

Blackberry Crush

For the Vodka lovers, black berry crush is just the perfect drink to gobble up. Vodka mixed with crushed blackberry’s will provide you with sufficient satiety value.


If not bhang, then celebrate this holi with Beer. Beer sales always rise during Holi season. Each Spring, the streets and the people of Chandigarh transforms into a psychedelic explosion of colour and festive mood. So, Calsberg, Corona, Hoegarden or Kinfisher, This holy do not grab just a beer mug, but a Pitcher….

If your Dietician has a problem with your diet chart this Holi…reply him/her saying “BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI”…CHEERS!


Prakriti R Sharma

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