Common Semi-Truck Accident Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Truck accidents can turn your life around. They can make your life miserable. For instance, loss of income can negatively affect your life. However, you can file for claims and live happily. With the right compensation, you can purchase the necessary supportive equipment, hire home staff, and even afford basic needs. However, it’s important to get the process right if you want the best compensation after a truck crash. In particular, you should avoid making the following mistakes—they can reduce the amount you get as compensation.

Police Report

Any truck accident should be reported to the police. Not applying for a police report can be a grave mistake. Not doing so can negatively affect your case. In particular, the liability may be placed on your side. The police report will be used as evidence when litigating your case. So, don’t make this mistake. It can cost your case.

Medical Care

It’s important to seek immediate medical attention. Failing to seek immediate medical attention can work against your case—especially when dealing with insurance. Plus, not seeking medical care can have serious implications. Even more, certain injuries can be internal.

Not following Your Doctor’s Instructions

Follow the doctor’s treatment plan. Not doing so can affect your claim. Worse still, it can deny you a good settlement. Take all the proscribed medicines. Don’t forget to attend all sessions. Things like physiotherapy are important. Don’t miss any doctor’s appointments. Insurance companies can deny you claims based on this mistake.

Don’t Give A Recorded Statement

Don’t give any statement. Whether it’s handwritten or recorded—giving statements can injure your case. Plus, you might contradict yourself. If you have to give statements, ensure that your lawyer is around. Avoid delving into the case. Don’t allow anyone to interview you. It can hurt the value of your claim.

Don’t Sign Any Medical Authorization

Of course, your insurance company should have your medical records. However, don’t give them all your records. This is like giving medical authorization. Don’t sign any blank document. Before signing any document, contact your lawyer. Let him/her review the 8information before you can sign any document.

Don’t Forget to Request for Contact Information

Don’t forget to obtain important contact information. This should include the contact information of the eyewitnesses, the other drivers, and any other third party. Not having this information can limit you—especially when litigating your case. You will need evidence and witnesses. If you don’t have witnesses, you may lose the case. Have contact information of the other driver’ his/her employer, the insurance company, eyewitnesses, etc.

Don’t Fil to Preserve All the Evidence

Without evidence, your case can flop. Thus, not keeping evidence is a mistake. Don’t lose pictures. Don’t delete the videos you took at the scene of the accident.

Other Mistakes

Here are additional mistakes you shouldn’t make:

  • Don’t settle on your claim quickly. Take time
  • Don’t forget to send the spoliation letter
  • Don’t fail to hire a car accident attorney
  • Don’t talk about your case on social media.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t make the above mistakes when applying for claims after a truck crash. These mistakes can negatively affect the amount of compensation you receive. Avoid them and get the best compensation today!


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