To Book A Community Centre In Chandigarh, You Now Need To Sign A ‘No Dowry Clause’

If you want to book a Community Centre in Chandigarh for your wedding, Chandigarh Administration is going to make you sign a ‘No Dowry’ clause in an agreement in an attempt to curb down dowry cases. The news comes with a positive sign for the people who have been a victim of the dowry cases in the Chandigarh city. With this move, the Chandigarh Administration wants to ensure that the social stigma of dowry can be eliminated from the city beautiful.

What exactly is the ‘No Dowry’ clause for booking a community centre?

Mayor Asha Jaswal when asked said that adding a ‘No Dowry’ affidavit to the booking of community centre will help in making sure that the social stigma of dowry is eliminated from the city beautiful. This will make sure that the people of Chandigarh do not indulge in such immoral things and no sense of burden is added to the family of the girl. She said there were hundreds of dowry cases pending in the Chandigarh city although there are far less numbers these days.

Talking about the ‘No Dowry’ clause she said that the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh has a far greater job to do than to provide basic public facilities. It is also the job of the Chandigarh Administration for the social well being of their city’s residents. A new column will be introduced in the booking form where a person has to undertake in writing that they are neither demanding any dowry nor offering any for the marriage. The column must be signed in order to book the Community Centres in Chandigarh for weddings. Chandigarh is one of the first cities in India to introduce such a method against dowry and we can only hope that other cities take queue.

Community Centres in Chandigarh have been in other news as well:

Before the major decision of ‘No Dowry’ clause the former mayor of Chandigarh had proposed that the Community Centres in Chandigarh should be divided into four categories as opposed to the existing two. The four new categories would have seen a different charge of 30,000, 20,000, 10,000 and 5,000 Indian Rupees. Apparently there are only two categories of 10,000 and 5,000 Rupees. This move was highly criticised by the opposition and was later the decision was revoked.

Source: Tribune

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