Congress Government Starts Re-carpeting of Roads in Mohali

The Congress Government has started working for the betterment of people in Punjab. After 10 years, Punjab has a Congress government. It’s not even 15 days since Capt. Amrinder Singh’s government got into power in Punjab and they have taken their first step towards the development of Punjab.

Development Started In Mohali

Congress government has started their development in Mohali. Congress government has started the re-carpeting of roads. A lot of roads in the city have also been re-carpeted and the re-carpeting of roads of Phase 8, Phase 3B2, Phase 3A is in the process. The re-carpeting of roads was pending since past 3 months and the Congress government has started it again after coming into power.

The Major Cause Of Mishaps

Punjab has been declared as the state with the highest number of death in road accidents. Bad Roads in Punjab is the major cause of mishaps. On an average, 9-13 people die every day in road accidents in Punjab. As per last three year’s data, 8103 persons died and 10653 got injured in road accidents in Punjab.

In Punjab, Patiala reported the most number of accidents and deaths, followed by Mohali.

A Lot Of Roads Need To Be Repaired

GMADA (Greater Mohali Area Development Authority) and Municipal Corporation officials said that a lot of roads in the state needed to be re-carpeted but the work could not start.

The Municipal Corporation officials also said that in Phase 6 and Phase 1 the work of laying pre-mix on the roads has been started. A lot of city people were facing problems because the roads near the Ivy Hospital going towards the District Administrative Complex were dug up due to the repair of sewerage pipeline. the work on the roads which were dug up due to the repair of the sewerage pipeline. The road near the bus stand in Phase 6 also needs to be repaired and the repair work will be starting very soon.

 Hopefully, the Congress Government in Punjab will not disappoint the people and will definitely make Punjab a better, modern and a systematic state in the coming years.

Image Source = Indian Express

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