The Connection Between Valentine’s Day & Geri Route Chandigarh

February is the month of the year when the chilly winters and the warm summers play a love relationship. It is the time when neither of them wants to leave us alone and thus the month filled with chills and hot breezes altogether. This love wave extends further and garners blossoms in the hearts. The month is special again because of an amazing day that is just made for the beating hearts. Yes, you got it right, we are referring to the day of love, passion, proposals and sadly some heartbreaks; the Valentine’s Day.

Though the inception of this day has its own controversy, but it would never affect the spirit of the youngsters celebrating it. And if you are in Chandigarh, where every heart is forever young, you witness a whole new zeal that makes this day one occasion of great festivities. Chandigarh has many spots where lovers, no matter young or not so young come and express their love. But, Geri Route has its own importance in the love life of Chandigarh.

Geri Route, Chandigarh

The geri route (Sector 8,9,10 & 11) is not only the most prime area of the city but it is a place where everyone experiences an adrenaline rush in the veins and accelerated heart beats. The place stands out for the love birds to have some quality time throughout the year but on Valentine’s Day, this particular route is a sight to behold.

The youngsters from all over Chandigarh (at times from the adjoining cities) come to celebrate their love bond on this love day at the Gedi Route. The route bathes in the love spring as at every nook and corner you see heart shaped balloons. The balloons tied to the cars and adorning the hands of the love birds shout out loud the feelings of every heart with the word like “I love you”, “You are my sweetheart”, “Love forever”, ETC.

Valentine’s Day at Geri Route

People say love is in the air, but Chandigarh says “Love is in the Gedi Route”. There are some attractive restaurants on the route that makes you date complete with lip-smacking food and most romantic ambience. You can enjoy long drives in your cars (BMWs, Audis, Thars & Range Rovers in the case of Chandigarh) on the silky smooth roads of this route.

Whatever you do to celebrate this day of love, ensure that you do not break any rule or law as there are some strict Police Nakas on this route on this particular day. But, we are sure that the youngsters of Chandigarh have good brains to keep their love affair neat and clean.  So, celebrate this Valentine’s Day on Gedi Route Chandigarh and let the love blossoms bless you with a love filled year ahead. Just a friendly advice, Do not drink and drive and maintain the speed limits. Cheers to the hearts and the love in it!


Swati Pandey

Swati Pandey is a human resource professional with an experience of over 5 years. However, writing took her by collar and hence she is serving Chandigarh Metro with her creative pen. In free time, Swati loves reading novels and listening to soft music. She is exploring herself with each passing day... :)
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