Controlling Cholesterol – An Ayurvedic Approach

We talk about cholesterol as if it is a poison to the body. However, this cannot be farther from the truth. Cholesterol is present in the human body naturally and is essential for the proper functioning of our system. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that helps in producing bile, several hormones, and even Vitamin D. 

However, excess of anything is wrong. Since cholesterol can be found in a lot of food items that we usually intake, our bodies are subjected to vast quantities of bad cholesterol. This results in numerous diseases, mainly related to the heart. In today’s world, we waste no time in popping the allopathic pills prescribed to us. However, these medications leave behind a lot of side effects. The only reliable way of controlling cholesterol is by consuming the best ayurvedic medicine for heart health. Let’s find out how. 

Ayurveda versus Western Medicine

Where western medicine or allopathy might show results in a shorter period, Ayurveda takes longer. However, its effects tend to be safer and more long-lasting. Ayurveda is not just a field of medicine, it’s a lifestyle. The more we will indulge in it, the more benefits it will provide us. 

Ayurveda keeps high cholesterol away

There is good cholesterol, and then there is bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol is required to grease and strengthen the different conductive tracks inside the body. However, bad cholesterol has a lower density, and it can even block the arteries, causing severe heart diseases that might lead to death. 

Ayurveda suggests a low-calorie vegetarian diet for everyone, not just cholesterol patients. Regular intake of fatty food items increases the level of bad cholesterol. So, follow an ayurvedic diet to stay away from the evil of high cholesterol. The suggested list of food is — fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, soy and soy products, oatmeal, millets, lentils, pulses, beans, peas, ghee butter, and olive oil.

Ayurvedic remedies lower high cholesterol 

  • Consuming ginger and garlic along with lemon juice on an empty stomach helps in lowering the bad cholesterol present in the blood. Garlic removes the plaque from blood vessels. Ginger aids in digestion and metabolism, whereas lemon juice detoxifies the liver.
  • Drinking tea consisting of cinnamon, trikatu, and honey helps remove the bad cholesterol present in the human body. Cinnamon boosts the digestive system. Trikatu purifies the blood and honey has a calming effect on the body. 

Ayurveda suggests yoga controls cholesterol 

Ayurveda says that if the recommended vegetarian diet is followed by regular exercise in the form of yoga, one can control the high cholesterol level in their body. The results can be seen from the first month of complete ayurvedic discipline. 

The yoga asanas are not that difficult to practice, and it only requires twenty to thirty minutes of your time daily. The yoga asanas relax the muscles and massage the organs internally. This is good for boosting digestion and purifying your blood.

Ayurveda recommends breathing practices to control cholesterol

Pranayamas can help in improving cholesterol levels in the body. One great way is the Yogi Breath. 

In this breathing practice:

  • Close your eyes
  • Relax your body
  • Close your right nostril with your right thumb
  • Take a deep breath from your left nostril and close it with your index finger.
  • Next, open your right nostril and let the breath out.
  • Then, inhale from your right nostril, close it with your thumb as you exhale through your left nostril

These steps are to be repeated for around five to ten minutes daily to improve blood circulation throughout the body. This practice calms down the body and keeps it functioning optimally.

Ayurvedic medicines control cholesterol 

There is a myriad of Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol control available in the market. Each comes with its own set of side effects. Not just allopathic medication, even herbal medicines can not be trusted these days due to the increasing rates of contamination. However, there is a trustworthy ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol readily available to you called the Liposem Tablet. 

Liposem tablets from Kerala Ayurveda possess a beautiful blend of antioxidants and hypolipidemic. The ingredients of these tablets are — 

  • Vrikshamla (Garcinia Indica)
  • Guggulu (Balsamodendron Mukul)
  • Saptaranga (Salacia sp.)
  • Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)
  • Salmali (Bombax Malabaricum)
  • Madhukar (Madhuca Indica), etc. 

While these names might not be very familiar to you, but they’re all-natural and carry excellent healing properties. These herbal tablets target bad cholesterol, which is why it’s considered as a reliable Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol reduction. They also help in controlling high cholesterol levels. Liposem Tablets can save you from heart diseases as they strengthen the blood vessels are canceled out the damage done to them by high cholesterol levels.


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