Couple Held at Chandigarh Airport For Smuggling Gold From Dubai in a Shocking Way

In past a few months, Chandigarh had witnessed some shocking criminal offense by those smuggling gold from other countries that had made people think, ‘Is this real?’ The mafia of gold smugglers in India as well as across the world has found out some of the unique and some unnatural ways of carrying the yellow metal, illegally.

Gold smuggled to Chandigarh in a unique way

In the recent case, an NRI couple hailing from Ludhiana, Punjab were held at the Chandigarh International Airport for smuggling gold in a very shocking way that may trick the eyes of the security personnel for a moment if they are not vigilant enough. On March 19, 2018, an Air India flight to Bangkok reached Chandigarh International Airport at around 9: 20 am. During their routine checking of the passengers and their luggage, the Customs Department noticed something fishy in the attire of a couple. The couple was then taken away by the personnel for interrogation and later what happened is something that no one can ever think of it, in the weirdest of their dreams.

On asked by the customs department personnel, the accused couple refused of smuggling any gold illegally but when their luggage were check, the women was found with nine kurtis with 175 gold buttons on it that weighed 455 grams in total. The price of these gold buttons were Rs 13, 84, 000. Not only this, in fact, her her husband was also caught carrying 422 grams of gold valued Rs 12. 77 lakh in the form of buckle and chain of his belt.

Other shocking cases of gold smuggling reported in Chandigarh

Earlier this month, another case of gold smuggling was reported in Chandigarh which almost gave goosebumps to all those who got to know about it. It was the most heinous and unnatural method of carrying gold bars illegally to India from Dubai. Two women in her early twenties were held for carrying gold bars of worth Rs 25 lakh in their rectum. Out of the two one women carried 350 grams of gold valued Rs 11 lakh while the other one concealed 450 grams of gold bars worth Rs 14.5 lakh inside her body.

Prior to these incidents, in March month itself, two men were held on separate days for illegal transportation of yellow metal to India. One had brought 229 grams of gold from Bangkok of Rs 6.8 lakh net value, whereas another man was arrested with 180 grams of gold in his body worth Rs 5.6. In January also, two people were arrested, separately on different days for smuggling gold out of which one was held with gold ornaments valued Rs 30 lakh while the other one was arrested for carrying 8.16 kilograms of gold, which was probably 70 gold biscuit bags worth Rs 2.26 crore.


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