Answers the Top FAQ about Advanced Couponing

Couponing is always a subject of interest amongst people from all walks of life. Everyone wants to save as much money as they possibly can. The reality? Only a small percentage of couponers really understand the ins and outs of couponing thing. They may register some level of success with it but still be in the dark about many of its facets.

Frankly, couponing can confuse the heck out of anyone. There’s more to it than meets the eye. Advanced couponing is even worse. Questions about it can’t stop popping up. In the interest of helping you get a feel of the game, we have compiled some of the top questions surrounding advanced couponing and their subsequent answers as recommended by

How does the BOGO (buy one get one free) coupon work?

This solely depends on the store in question. Ideally, if you have a Buy One Get One Free coupon and the item on sale is also Buy One Get One Free, expect most local stores to give the first item for free and sell the second one for half the price. Others will likely give the first item for free but let the coupon take care of the second one. In this scenario, you will walk out with both items without paying a dime. Better still, some stores have policies that can’t allow coupons to be used for items that are free. Therefore, you will have to throw four items in your cart where three of them will be free and one will need to be paid for.

If the price tag on the item is $2.50 and I have a $3 coupon, can I be given the difference in cash?

Again, different stores operate differently when it comes to this one but in all honesty, local stores with the exception of Walmart and a handful others don’t give back cash from coupons. Most of them would bring the value of the coupon down to $2.50 and give the item for free but limit you from overage. A few other stores have an updated coupon policy that refuses the coupon altogether.

Can I make more copies of my coupons seeing that the computer allows only up to 2 prints?

No. Never copy coupons no matter what. Stores have strict rules on this one. Each coupon has some sort of a serial number and can only be printed with your IP address on it. If you go ahead and copy coupons, they will have the same number. This will not only force the store to write your coupon off but this move can also put you in jail.

Every time I walk into the store to shop, I find empty shelves. Anything I can do differently?

This can be a frustrating – no doubt about it. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. First, try shopping when the traffic is low. Think early morning or late in the evening when shoppers haven’t jammed the store. Alternatively, shift gears by changing the specific brand of the item in question. True, you are loyal to that brand but would it kill to try something new for once? Look in the direction of the underutilized elements along the shelf that are in plenty. Who knows, you might actually like it than you think.

Additionally, if you really must get that item and no other, you might be given a rain check. This is a small piece of paper that indicates the item, its price, and the quantity you intended to buy. It is often given to customers whose items aren’t presently available. Once you have the rain check, you can come at a later date and claim your items. Last but not least, consider making a pre-order before shopping for items in large quantities. This will allow the store to make arrangements accordingly.

How do I get direct coupons from companies?

Send feedback. Companies appreciate feedback-whether positive or negative. You may want to contact the companies to tell them about your experience with their products—and not about coupons. Write to all your favorite stores. Soon, you will have some good news on your mail.

I have a coupon whose expiration date is today. Can I still make use of it?

Yes, of course. The validity of a coupon stands up to 11:59 p.m on the expiration date. This means you can still walk into the store and claim your goods before this time elapse. Once the clock reaches midnight, the coupon ceases to be valid in the U.S. However, if you are overseas in the military, you can still use your coupons as the validity of coupons extends to 6 months after the expiration date of the coupon.

Apart from the Sunday Newspaper, where else can I get coupon deals?

You can also get coupons by subscribing to several other newspapers with quality ads and online sources. Thousands if not millions of websites have printable coupons, so get surfing. Look out for promo codes you can utilize during online transactions. Don’t forget to sign up for as many email alerts as you can handle to receive any information on any promotions and discounts from your favorite stores.

Although there’s so much to understand about advanced couponing, you can begin somewhere. Don’t wait around to grasp all the information there is because that might never happen. Just dip your feet in the water; the rest will fall into place as you go along.


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