Coworking Flood in Australia has Reduced Desk Rates in All Major Cities

If you are in search of shared office spaces in any of the Australian city, then you will now get it in cheap rates. With the increase in the number of entrepreneurs, the World has been flooded with numerous workspaces. Coworking spaces flood has reduced the prices of the desk in the Capital cities of Australia. Now one can get their choice of office at an affordable cost.

Be it Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, the cities in Australia has been flooded with some great shared office spaces. Check out new prices and workspaces in various cities of the country here.

Flood of Workspace, cut down the desk prices in Capital Cities

Australian cities have surged in the listings of coworking spaces by 25% in the financial year. In the last financial year, the country had approx 3908 workspaces and now it has reached to 4885. All this has happened because of the new providers and private businesses moving into the same. More 3% of the businesses have moved in flexible office spaces. Whereas there has been a jump of 19% providers operation in the shared office market in the country.

According to operators, they were facing difficulties as the tenants have numerous choice to opt from. Be it best-shared office spaces or desk, tenants have it all at best prices in the country. Although but no change in the prices of Canberra workspaces has been made. Check out the latest prices of the office space in various cities below.

 Check the new prices of the same here

Here are the percentage of rates reduced in various Australian cities for the workspace other than Canberra. As in Canberra, the price of the same has increased by 39.97% in the new financial year. Further, in Sydney and Melbourne, the cost has reduced by 5.45% and 10.15% respectively. Whereas the highest downfall has been seen in Hobart and Brisbane respectively by 28.80% and 24.39%. Although in Adelaide and Perth, the prices have cut-down by 18.23% and 12.48% respectively.

So now if you planning to have a desk in any of the workspaces in Australia except Canberra, you can rent it out in between $465 to $722.


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