8 Sites From Where You Can Buy Crakers in Chandigarh for Diwali 2016

Great news for all the people who like to celebrate Diwali ‘the bang-on’ style with crackers. 8 sites across the city have been en-marked from where you can buy crackers in Chandigarh. This is an initiative of Chandigarh administration who has increased the number of stalls and identified 8 spots where the cracker stalls can be setup this festive season.

Where to Buy Crackers in Chandigarh?

These localities will have 8 sites that will be finally available to traders for selling crackers in Chandigarh:-

  1. Sector 38.
  2. Sector 43.
  3. Sector 49.
  4. Sector 24.
  5. Parade ground, Sector 17.
  6. Three grounds in Manimajra.

The sites have been chosen according to space available and distance from residential areas. Selling crackers nearby residential areas can be dangerous in case of any unwanted fire incident. These 8 sites chosen by the Chandigarh administration are spread all across Chandigarh from north to south and east to west such that you will be able to buy crackers in Chandigarh from a nearby site without having to travel much.

Safety Measures

Safety is a major concern for setting up fire cracker stalls in Chandigarh. Some measures that have been taken care at all these 8 sites include:

  • Safe distance between 2 consecutive stalls.
  • No more than 50 stalls at each of these 8 sites.
  • One fire brigade will be present at each of these cracker selling spots in Chandigarh.
  • Government will not allow the sale of crackers in local markets or anywhere in Chandigarh apart from these 8 sites.

Earlier, Chandigarh administration had only given permission for 3 spots across the city. This would have meant a total of 150 cracker selling stalls in Chandigarh. But taking the cracker sale in consideration and listening to fire cracker dealers, the government has increased the number of spots from 3 to 8. Though Cracker Dealers’ Association is quite unhappy by the decision of limiting the cracker vendors and wants to continue selling the same way they used to in the past.

Chandigarh government has refused to allow selling crackers outside general shops in market areas. The president of Cracker Dealers’ Association, Devinder Gupta met MP Kirron Kher who has promised them of some help regarding the same. It is the first time that such strict decisions have been taken. During earlier years, cracker selling vendors were stationed at many places in Chandigarh that included densely populated sectors like sector 15, 7, 22, 26. 23, 24 and even areas of Burail, Kajheri, Maloya and Palsora villages.

A Request

With due respect to fire cracker dealers, we urge the residents of Chandigarh to burn less crackers on Diwali eve as it not only causes noise pollution and air pollution but might also affect you physically. In case you want to burn crackers, then be very very careful with fire works.

Chandigarh Metro Team wishes you a Very Happy & Safe Diwali.



Image Credits: India.com


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