Cricket Betting Tips and Bonuses You Should Know

When the world’s second most popular game is played, attention from all sorts of viewers is apparent. Regular day workers, business people, bookies, all have their eyes and ears on the game. Some watch the game to entertain themselves, while some view it to win big and fill their pockets with big cash.

Catering to the risk-takers

The Indian betting market is worth almost 3,00,000 crore, of which cricket holds 80% share. With that much cash flowing around, there’s space for the business players to cater to those who help increase the betting market’s revenue.

The betting companies don’t work in dark nowadays. They openly work through their websites and applications systematically following a process. This not only has made things easy for themselves but easy for anyone who wants to bet even if he/she doesn’t know much about betting. Making things more straightforward in the betting process has attracted more new bettors and expand the industry exponentially. Introduction of the new format of the game has also aided its growth.

Making People Understand Betting

The betting companies understood that to make people bet on the games and promote their business, they need to educate the people about how it is done. So, they started portraying betting as a huge money-making opportunity along with tips and tricks to do the same. One can see on the websites of these betting companies that the blogs and other content types uploaded do contain the informational stuff about betting and the rewards/winning to attract most of the people. You may also find some joining bonuses for the newcomers on their websites.

Promoting their betting business that way allows them to come out of the shadow and operate in the limelight by fully utilizing the available digital marketing strategies. And, even though cricket has the immense popularity in Indian betting market, finding the best cricket betting tips and bonuses can be difficult.

Top 5 reasons why betting companies promote cricket betting in the Indian market.

  1. Cricket has the maximum fan base in India and the second largest fan base in the world
  2. As most people in India follow cricket, they understand the game better, and it is easy for them to understand the rules of betting related to cricket.
  3. India has introduced T20 format in the cricket for both domestic and foreign players which has increased its popularity worldwide.
  4. India Bollywood celebrities buy many IPL teams. Bollywood in India is as much celebrated as cricket.
  5. The combination of Bollywood and IPL took the popularity of the game to a whole new level in India.

These reasons are enough for the betting companies to put up cricket betting tips as the turnover for these is huge. The types of marketing promotions offered to players include:

  • Weekly cricket tips and tricks
  • Tournament-wise and team-wise cricket betting tips and tricks
  • Free Bets when you bet with a particular amount of money
  • Free bets if your team accomplishes a specific task such as scoring 100 runs in ‘n’ number of balls and so on.
  • Discount for first-time betters


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