15 Famous Crockery Shops to Buy Kitchenware in Chandigarh

Everyone wants to have good crockery for their home and when it comes to a city like Chandigarh, people simply want the best. There are many crockery stores in Chandigarh that offer awesome kitchenware including utensils, dinner sets, tea cups, water glasses, coffee mugs, food processors, blenders, electronics and all that you can think about.

If you are looking for a good crockery shop in Chandigarh with wide variety of things and latest technology items to choose from, then this list of utensil shops can be of much help to you. We have listed crockery stores from different sectors across Chandigarh.

Crockery Stores in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Metro brings you a curated list of crockery showrooms, shops and stores from across different sectors in north, south, west and east Chandigarh.

  • Aao Jee Stores, Sector 19

With a fancy name, Aao Jee Stores offers a fascinating variety of crockery that will surely catch your attention. Their collection is not just great but also unique. Apart from crockery, this store in sector 19 of Chandigarh also offers a wide variety of home decor and gift items.

Address- SCF 29-30, Sector 19-C, Chandigarh.

Tel no.- o172-2775227, 5002775.

  • Bharat Crockery, Sector 18, Chandigarh

Based in sector 18, Bharat Crockery store is one such well known crockery showroom that has a good customer base. With a huge variety of kitchenware, glassware and other crockery stuff, Bharat crockery store also has a unique collection of gift items.

Address: SCO 28, Sector 18 C Market, Chandigarh

Tel no.- 0172-5007828.

  • Royal Crockery Hub 45

As its name suggest, the shop has everything that attracts those Chandigarhians who love royalty. Royal Crockery Hub is the place where one can get numerous kinds of utensils, crockery and home appliances. They have got a large variety of crockery designs.

Address: SCO 79-80, Level-1, Sector 45-C, Chandigarh.

  • Vardhaman 30 – Crockery & Appliances

Vardhaman 30 is a crockery store in Chandigarh that opened up recently. The shop offers kitchen utensils as well as home appliances in best prices. They also have a collection of Prestige, Hawkins, Futura and many more brands. One can also get chimneys of Sunflames from this crockery shop in Chandigarh.

Address- SCO 54, GF, Sector 30-C, Chandigarh.

  • Bharat Agencies, Sector 35

Bharat agencies deals with utensils and home appliances in Chandigarh. They have a large variety in utensils and cutlery. Along with lovely crockery items, they also have different kinds of glassware and plastic-ware.

Address- SCO 361, Sector 35-B, (Near Hotel GK International), Chandigarh

Tel no.- 0172-3327625.

  • Aggarwal Distributors, Sector 26

This crockery store is based in Sector 26 Chandigarh and is serving people of the city since 1973. Aggarwal distributors deals in vast varieties of cutlery, glassware, kitchen utensils, dinner sets, plastic boxes and much more. They are also the authorised dealer of Hawkins which includes pressure cookers and other cooking range.

Address- SCO-30, Sector 26, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

Tel no.- 0172-2791866, 5077734, 9876170003.

  • Jain Crockery Store, Sector 18

Yet another crockery store in Sector 18 is Jain crockery store. They too have a decent shop with wide variety of items. The store sees a huge rush during Diwali festive days.

Address- SCO No. -19, Sector 18-C, Chandigarh

Tel no.- 0172-5075372, 9216318002.

  • Crockery Lounge 18

With a unique variety of modern and traditional utensils, Crockery Lounge is your one stop shop for all crockery and kitchenware requirements. As the name suggests, the store is a modern one with great cutlery designs and branded kitchenware. They are also based in Sector 18.

Address- SCO -10, Sector 18-C, Chandigarh

Tel no.- 0172-2603837, 09876731244.

  • New Jain Crockery

Based in the inner market of Sector 35, New Jain Crockery sees a huge of people from nearby areas. They have a good crockery collection and many unique kitchenware, glassware and gift items.

Address- SCO 276, Inner Market, Sector 35, Chandigarh.

Tel no.- 0172-3310715.

  • Crockery Section at Big Bazaar

If you are planning to visit Elante or specifically Big Bazaar, then be informed that there is a dedicated shopping section for crockery and kitchen items. It is India’s largest hypermarket chain and sees a huge rush at their Chandigarh store.

Address: Elante mall, Basement Level -1, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh.

Tel no.- 0172-5214455.

  • Indian Crockery Store, Sector 35, Chandigarh

It offers wide variety of crockery for all kinds of people, those who loves modernization for them they have modern crockery and for traditional people, they have traditional crockery. All festival will become more lighten up, if you shop from Indian Crockery Store.

Address- S C O-89, Sector 35-c, Sector 35-c, Chandigarh

Tel no.- 0172-2608105

  • Indian Crockery House, Sector 15, Chandigarh

One can get various items under one roof, be it gifts, glassware or kitchen appliances , Indian Crockery House offers it all to its customers. Every single item of the house will surely catch the attraction of the eye.

Address- Shop No.45,, Sector 15-D, Chandigarh

Tel no.- 0172-5003273

  • Krishna Crockery Store

They are the authorized distributors and wholesalers of many brands of home appliances, Kitchen ware and crockery. Even they offers wide varieties in glass-ware and plastic-ware.

Address- SCF-46, Sector 19-D, Chandigarh

Tel no.- 0172-2725113

  • Dharam Chand Aggarwal

The shop is offering large number of kitchen-ware, gifts items and glassware to the people of Chandigarh, Since 1957. It also provide option of modular kitchen and home appliances.

Address- SCO 17, Sec 18 C, Chandigarh.

Tel no.- 9803018219, 9876022699.

  • Sai Crockery, Chandigarh

Based in Sector 23, Sai Crockery has many options of crockery, cups and cutlery to choose for your kitchen. Non-stick cookware, glassware, coffee mugs and many more items are on offer.

Address- Booth Number 7, Sector 23-C, Chandigarh.

Tel no.- 0172-2721014, 9464894324, 9915151085, 9465102672.

Although there are more stores in Chandigarh that deal with crockery, kitchenware, kitchen electronic items, glassware, plastic ware etc. the above post lists some famous shops from different sectors. Sector 18 is one such sector in Chandigarh that has the maximum crockery stores / shops and attracts people.

If you think that we have missed out some other prominent crockery shop in Chandigarh, please reach out to Chandigarh Metro team at hello@chandigarhmetro.com. And yes, wish you a happy crockery shopping in Chandigarh 🙂


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