Cut Down In Number Of Flights Taking Off From Delhi Airport Due To Smog

The increased air traffic congestion in Delhi which has led to a rapid decrease in visibility has further resulted in a cut down in the number of flights which were supposed to take off from the Delhi airport. Dense smog in Delhi’s air has led to an adverse affect on the people thus hampering their modes of travel to the greatest. The smog levels have increased to such a great extent that these days, only one of the runways for the flights can be used at the Indira Gandhi International Airport located in the National Capital irrespective of the availability of three runways.

Delay In Flights From Delhi Due To Increased Smog Levels 

The Indira Gandhi International Airport located in New Delhi possesses the availability of three runways for the flights to take over. The increased level of smog due to excessive pollution in New Delhi’s air has led to the shutting down of the third runway 11/29 owing to maintenance purposes for a period of three days as of now.

The shorter 9/27 runway at the airport experienced a much low and bad visibility portion due to which the only usable runway was 10/28. With only one runaway available, the flights from the Delhi airport were atleast 2 hours late. The second runway was also opened only after the visibility improved to bits. Currently, the Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi is reportedly working at 70% of its capacity to conduct flight travels in as well as out of the National Capital.

Delhi Airport To Handle 800 Flights Per Hour For Now 

As per the reports of the Meteorological Department, the visibility of the runway in the early hours of the morning that is in between 7 am to 8 am is less than 200 metres. Technically, proper movement of vehicles in between this time span is very difficult. The density of smog in Delhi’s air tends to show improvement around 11 am in the morning and after this time only, slight flight movement is possible.

As per the officials, flights that departure from the Delhi Airport are expected to delay up to a time span of 90 minutes till 3 pm in the afternoon at least. Delhi Airport will now be handling 800 flights per hour instead of 1,100 flights that is 70% of its tendency.

Source : Indian Express 



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