Data Reveals Chandigarh Not a Safe City | Shocking yet True, Here’s the Data

According to the National Crime Report Bureau (NCRB), Chandigarh has been reported as an unsafe Territory in India. The annual data of NCRB (National crime records bureau) for 2016 has ranked City Beautiful – Chandigarh second among the seven UTs in the country in crime rate. Chandigarh ranked 20th in India, in crime rate and the national capital – Delhi took the top slot in the annual data of NCRB.

Crime rate data reveals Chandigarh not a safe city in India, Here is the data!

Chandigarh, the city beautiful, among the other union territories in the country had 26.7 per cent violent crimes. This figure has been recorded as the second highest in India, while the national capital Delhi topped the list with 77.5 per cent. Violent crimes include culpable homicide not amounting to rape, murder, kidnapping, dacoity, robbery and arson.

Well most of the data that has been released by National Crime Report Bureau (NCRB), has shocking facts about the city beautiful but it is really sad to know that a state that boasts of a significant literacy rate is third in the list when it comes to the crime against children. Though in most of the cases persons were arrested for crimes against children yet crime against children could not be eradicated.

Here is the data for culpable homicide in Chandigarh

As per the report, while the number of cases of culpable homicide not amounting to murder was six in Chandigarh, the national capital topped the list of unsafe UTs with 54 incidents. Four dowry-related cases were reported in Chandigarh, which was again reported as the second highest among all the UTs in India. While only one foeticide case was registered in Chandigarh, Delhi topped the list again with eight cases registered in the national capital. Surprisingly, no foeticide cases were reported from other UTs.

There is a depreciation too, crime against women has reduced in Chandigarh. A per the report, the number has dropped 11 per cent last year as compared to the 2015 data. In Crime against woman, Chandigarh stands 11th among all states and UTs.

Data of serious crimes in the city beautiful 

Talking about serious crime cases, such as attempt to murder, as many as 40 cases were reported in Chandigarh last year while 646 cases were reported in Delhi. With 528 murder cases, Delhi topped the list of serious crimes followed by Puducherry and Chandigarh on the second and third spot with 33 and 26 murder cases registered respectively in each UT. Chandigarh was given the second position For kidnapping cases as well. 180 kidnapping cases were registered in the City Beautiful. With the increase in rape cases in the vicinity, 68 rape cases were registered in Chandigarh, followed by Andaman and Nicobar Island, with 30 cases registered.

As the citizens of the city beautiful, it is our responsibility and duty to abide by law and help the Chandigarh administration and the Chandigarh Police to eradicate such crimes in the city.

Drop in your feedback on how can we make out city beautiful safer for the citizens. Let’s take a pledge to eliminate the ugly side of our City Beautiful – Chandigarh.

Source: Times Of India


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