DAV College Chandigarh Slashes Number of Seats & Here’s The Cut Off for BA Courses

The DAV College of Chandigarh situated in Sector 10 D, has made a new decision of cutting off the number of seats for the students enrolling in for BA, BSc, BCom, MCom from 1,400 to 600 from this academic year. The Head of the admissions department of DAV has made this change to form a uniformity in the student teacher ratio in the college.

The DAV college in Chandigarh is the most sought after college in the city amongst the youth and almost 10,000 students come to the Institute to get admissions every year. The new plan will only be implemented after Panjab University(PU) approves of it after that the DAV College will make changes in the admission process of its MBA course as well.

Why The Slashing Of Seats- DAV College, Chandigarh

The decision of reducing the number of seats has not come to the scene without any thoughts and discussions, instead, it has been chewed over a lot by the Head of Admission Department and Chemistry Department of the DAV College B K Vermani. The seats have been slashed because of the following reasons:

  • To maintain a good ratio of students in a class and not to overcrowd it
  • With the overcrowding of the classes teachers face problem in handling the students and helping them out
  • With less number of students, teachers will able to teach them properly
  • To reduce the number of students who create menace in the college premises and do not come for study purposes after enrolling
  • Less anti-social elements will lead to less disturbance in the college that will further maintain a good level of education in the institution
  • Which would, in turn, prove beneficial for sincere students and teachers

The 70% Cut Off Policy- DAV College

Apart from slashing the number of seats available for admission, the DAV College of Chandigarh has also brought in a new policy that would affect the admissions in the BA (Arts) course from this year. So this is a heads-up for the students who are applying for a BA in Arts course in DAV college and have secured less than 70% in their higher secondary exams.

The College will not consider your applications coz the have decided to only entertain the students who have atleast gained 70% and more in the arts stream i.e, they have set their cutoff percentage to 70% from now on for BA(Arts). So no more first come, first served structure to be continued.

The Head of the admission department of DAV College Chandigarh has brought up the plan of increasing the cut-off percentage in the BA Arts stream to get only those students who are highly talented and with great calibre. The college has not set any cutoffs for BCom, medical and non-medical streams and will follow the centralised admission system.

To know more about DAV college’s new amendments and updates you can visit their official website davchd.ac.in or contact  0172 274 2854

Source: IndianExpress

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