DAV College Chandigarh Wants to Start MBA but Pannel Rejects | Here’s Why

One of the oldest and premium educational institutes of Chandigarh — DAV College, is all prepared to kick start the MBA course in the College premises from this session. Though the College authorities are all set to initiate the course from the current season the panel has objections in the above-mentioned affiliation. It is alleged that the institute is trying to get the affiliation by manipulating the rules.

What does the rule say?

  • As per the rules, the college requires a separate building for the MBA Course
  • The rule says that this separate building should be in the form of a Standalone Institution.
  • This standalone building, for starting the MBA course, should have a separate gate and a boundary wall.
  • The building, as per rules, should come up in a separate piece of land.
  • The rules say that new faculty members should be appointed for the MBA course.

Why the panel is objecting DAV College Chandigarh MBA affiliation? 

The affiliation committee that comprises the PU Senate members has already raised objection on different issues with regards to the affiliation of the college for starting MBA Course. Some of these issues are:

  • DAV college has not constructed a separate building (Standalone Institution).
  • It has created a block in the existing campus itself.
  • Though the college maintains that they have separated the building but it is not in the form of a Standalone Institution.
  • The block that has been created doesn’t have a separate boundary wall as required according to the rules.
  • It even doesn’t have a separate gate which does not match the rule requirement.
  • The block for MBA course has been set up in the existing campus, which does not match the rule of having a separate piece of land for the for the building.
  • As required for the affiliation, DAV has not appointed any new teachers for the MBA course.
  • It has ‘Transferred’ the existing faculty members for the MBA course which again does not follow the rules.

A dissent note has already been submitted to the affiliation committee that comprises the comments of the inspection committee.It was reported that the committee has already mentioned these points in the note. Apart from these objections one of the major objection is that the college is yet to get permission for starting MBA from Director, Higher Education.

PU’s Survey committee’s visit to the college 

The registrar and other members of the Panjab University survey committee, will be visiting the DAV college to check the issues related to the norms being flouted by the institution. Following their visit a report will be submitted which will apprise the affiliation committee of the facts whether the norms are being followed or not?

Source: The Tribune


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