Death of Chandigarh’s SD College Student at Morni in Panchkula – Story of Loopholes

We reported a few days ago that the body of a Panchkula boy Tanishq was found with a bullet on his temple on Morni road. The deceased was a student of SD College, Chandigarh and was on a drive late at night that day. Since Tanishq’s car was locked from inside the Panchkula Police was suspecting a suicide case possibly linked to blue whale game. The Police have now finally traced the owner of the 32 bore pistol that was used in the suicide/killing of Panchkula boy Tanishq.

NRI Owner of the pistol claims Weapon Was Misplaced.

The biggest question for the Panchkula Police was that if it was indeed a case of suicide, why would Tanishq chose such a sophisticated weapon that was so hard to get?  Although, they have finally traced the owner of the weapon, it raises another set of questions instead of answering the existing ones. The pistol used by Panchkula boy Tanishq belonged to an NRI from Fatehgarh Sahib and his brother had submitted the weapon to the Police ahead of Punjab Assembly elections. They were forced to file an FIR claiming it was misplaced by them instead of the Police. It has added another twist to the Tanishq case which already looks like a rubic’s cube right now.

Police are trying to verify how the weapon reached Panchkula boy Tanishq. After gaining access to his Facebook account they have come across a few messages from a friend of Tanishq who used to send him photographs with different types of Guns. Reportedly, he might have introduced Tanishq to a guy in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh who helped him procure the weapon for the Panchkula incident.

Tanishq had gone to UP two months ago.

Tanishq’s folks in Panchkula confirmed that he was in UP a couple of months ago, where he apparently procured the weapon through an undisclosed guy. Tanishq’s friend who was at large after the incident has also joined the investigation but has been of no help to the Panchkula Police yet.

Everything in the case has opened a new set of questions now. How the introvert guy Tanishq had a large set of friends outside his circle in Panchkula? How was NRI’s weapon misplaced by the Police themselves? Why were there cigarettes in the car if all of Tanishq’s friends claim he did not smoke? He also hated eating inside the car but chips were found on the rear seat in the Toyota Corolla car in Panchkula. Why was his friend at large when the whole world had turned upside down?

Source: HindustanTimes

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