This Decision By Police Will Affect The Entire Nightlife Of Chandigarh

BAD NEWS FOR THE PARTY ANIMALS IN CHANDIGARH!! This is a worry for all the party animals in Chandigarh as Chandigarh Police stands against the idea of extending the closing hours of Chandigarh’s bars, clubs, and restaurants. The Chandigarh police said that the owners of some restaurants, bars and discotheques along with some Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Corporation (CITCO) officials had been trying hard to get extended the closing hours beyond midnight.Chandigarh Police feels that the safety of the residents comes first.

The administration feels that The Chandigarh Police has a legitimate point in not extending the closing hours of the bars, restaurants, and discotheques. The new excise policy is also expected to be out very soon.

Bearing A Loss

Back in 2015, the closing time of bars, restaurants, and discotheques was amended to midnight from 2 am. Hotels like Hotel Shivalikview and Hotel Mountview are owned by CITCO and since the time amendment has been brought into action, CITCO has been bearing a loss in revenue.

Some officials feel that a good nightlife would reflect a modern outlook of Chandigarh.The business owners of eateries, restaurants, and discotheques in Chandigarh feel that they have lost much of their business to Mohali and Panchkula where the restrictions are not hard. According to the sources, UT director general of police (DGP) feels that the safety of residents should not be compromised even if there is a loss of few crores. Police have been taking a firm stand against the owners and officials who have been fighting hard for extending the timings.

Late Night Crimes

Since there have been a lot of crimes happening late night the Chandigarh Police is firm on their decision not to extend the timings. A lot of firing incidents have taken place at night in the last few months. Last Month, Himachal Pradesh’s chief ministerVirbhadra Singh’s wife’s nephew Akash Sen was run over by a BMW in Sector 9 Chandigarh.

As per sources, a lot of city based hoteliers said that there has been a 30% loss since the time amendment came into effect. They feel that there should be a tougher law against people who drink and drive.

Haryana High Court Order 2015 Timing capped in 2015 after HC order

After seeing the late night crimes and accidents, The Punjab and Haryana high court had insisted the administration that they must adopt strict and tight rules. After that, the administration ordered all the clubs, bars and discotheques to close by midnight.

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