Decoding Male and Female Infertility for Easy Understanding

It is high time that we learn much better about infertility as it will help us plan our lives in a better way. We must have seen that most of the articles out in infertility when it talks about infertility will talk only about male infertility and not about the female. According to one of the best ivf doctor in chandigarh who handles male and female infertility problems, infertility happen only to men and for women, it is a complication and that is the reason why infertility is always associated to them. Men and women face infertility in two completely different ways. For men, infertility is the inability for a man to conceive a woman through the natural reproductive process and for women it is the inability of a woman to conceive naturally due to complication in her reproductive organ. For men, infertility is a measure and for women, it is a complication. So, having such deep differences let us see the causes and cure of male and female infertility in detailed.

Male infertility causes and cure:

According to the best fertility hospital in Chennai which offers IVF treatments to couples with infertility, male infertility is affected due to the following reasons:

  1. General stress which affects the mind and body and in extreme case, it can lead to depression. Hence it is very important to take care of yourself and keep your stress at bay. There are a lot of indications about stress and practicing something like meditation and yoga will help you come out of it. Also, you can spend more time with people whom you like and going out for a long drive or trekking are said to be the best cure for stress.
  2. Drinking and smoking. These two are default stress buster options for most of us. The younger generations are the early adopters of this evil and hence they are affected most by this. This not only affects your infertility health but also causes obesity which will, in turn, spoil your health in developing a lot of other illness. 
  3. Being overweight. As we have already said, obesity is the biggest evil we need to fight. Parents should inculcate outdoor sports and playing habits with children so that they can burn the fat.

So, if a male is affected by infertility it can found by certain tests like semen analysis. The doctor will suggest you treatment based on the result. A change of lifestyle and healthy eating habits with a little bit of medication is the cure usually. In extreme cases where the sperm count is 0, then the doctor will suggest you go for an IVF treatment as in most of the cases, this condition is not reversible. 

Female infertility causes and cure:

As we have already said, there is no infertility in the female by reproductive complications like an ovarian cyst, endometriosis, blocked fallopian tube, fibroids, and PCOS which will hinder the natural reproductive process and thus prevents the women from conceiving. The cure for this will be a lifestyle change and minor surgeries which can help remove these blocks. In extreme cases like the weak uterus, the doctor would suggest you go for surrogacy which is an option which most couples are opting for nowadays.


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