Delhi Gets It’s First AC Bus Stand and Here Are All the Details

The capital city- Delhi gets its first Air-conditioned bus stand. With the rising temperature in Delhi, this AC bus stand came as a relief for the residents of Delhi. The city got the first AC bus stand in the Lajpat Nagar area near the Ring Road. Along with the AC bus, now Delhi people can also enjoy the ‘AC ki hawa’ in the bus stand as well.

Developing an AC bus stand in Delhi initiated by an AC manufacturer company as a part of its marketing plan. The city that has been going through a hilarious summer temperature, welcomes the initiative wth open hands. But the main issue with the initiative is that, will the company be able to maintain it?

Hot city (Delhi) gets some coolness

The initiative has been implemented in a very right time when the residents of Delhi were fighting with the hot summer. Most of the people took it in social media and appreciated the project during the summers when the temperature is above 40 degrees in Delhi. According to the government official, the installation has been initiated by Japanese MNC along with a private agency that has advertising rights on DTC’s bus stands.

The new and the first AC bus stand of Delhi in Lajpat Nagar have been covered by transparent curtains and a large AC has been installed inside it with a chain. On Wednesday, Delhi recorded the highest temperature of the year with around 43 degree Celsius. And the AC bus stand of Delhi has given a kind of a relief to the travellers.

And the previous initiatives in Delhi

Although it has not been clear that how long the initiative will work, but whatever it is atleast Delhi people who travel on the same route will get rid of the temperature. Bus stop in Delhi has seen such installation but it does not last long. Earlier also a telecommunication company has installed the air purifier in the Bus stop in Delhi, but it failed due to the high air pollution in the capital as farmers burn crop in the nearby states.

But as of now, it is a great initiative and we hope it to be successful in the area. So that not only Delhi but it could be implemented in the other states as well.

Source: HT

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