Delhi | 75% of Vehicles in City Do Not Comply With Pollution Norms

In an incident of utter disgrace and shock, National Capital Delhi has yet again made it to top trending stories of the week. And mind you, for all wrong reasons. Cribbing about Delhi pollution, private vehicle owners are to be blamed for the scenario. In shocking data in the reports released by the Environmental Pollution Control Authority, 75% of delhi vehicles end up skipping the pollution test.

Pollution in Delhi by Vehicles

Environmental Pollution Control Authority as per the the orders of the Supreme Court carried out an audit to check Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates of the Delhi vehicles. At an average of 3 vehicles out of 4, amounting to 75%, failing to produce the certificate is a pretty disturbing fact that has shaken the authorities off from their complacency.

To add fuel to the fire, the ones that comply to the norms roughly being around 25% astonishingly amount to 95% of the vehicles passing the test as per PUC. The mismatch in the data and that too with such huge margin is a cause of worry. Poor testing standards and such less amount of compliance were still bearable at the end of people, but ignorance at the end of PUC authorities to carefully monitor the vehicles and maintain a data immediately called for attention.

Disturbing Facts of the Report

  • Only 25% compliance to PUC norms
  • 1.37 million PUC tests conducted between Nov,2016 to Jan,2017
  • 6.47 million total vehicles in Delhi as on August 2016
  • Expected testing on vehicles : 5.91 million
  • Actual Testing : only 23.2%
  • 43.92% of tested vehicles,¬†1.14% of BS-IV vehicles comply to norms
  • Only 1.61% petrol vehicles, it was 5.18% diesel¬†vehicles fail tests
  • 24000 vehicles having zero Carbon Monoxide value which is absurd
  • 88% of two-wheelers obey hydrocarbon emission norms, again absurd

Reasons for the Shocking Statistics

  • Ill-maintained data and poor testing standards
  • Inefficiency and ignorance at the end of PUC authority
  • Poor Testing Methodology results in low rate of failures
  • Manual data handling is the culprit
  • Unavailable resources of actual testing of petrol and diesel vehicles
  • ill-maintained equipment
  • lack of documentation on equipment caliberation
  • Issuing of fake certificates

Environmental Pollution Control Authority has advised PUC authorities to link the annual vehicle insurance with the PUC certificate to ensure 100% compliance rate. Innovative techniques and tactics are required at a widespread reach to catch the culprits, or else it won’t be late when Delhi would be engulfed in the smoke arising nowhere else than vehicular pollution.

Already wearing masks to the workplace, the day is not far when personalised oxygen cylinders would be carried by Delhites to survive in the city.

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