Delhi Air Pollution levels Rise 12 Times Above Normal, Trucks Entry & Other News

As the Delhi engulfs in smog, the air quality in the capital deteriorates day-by-day. The recent study resulted in the rise of air pollution over Delhi by 12 times than the normal level. The capital that is seen enveloped in the smoky haze has not only affected the health conditions of the people living in and around Delhi but has caused hindrances in other operations of the day- to- day life.

The government of Delhi is aware of the fact that the bad air quality has raised the alarming situation and needs to be dealt stringently. But as of now nothing substantive seems to have been done. It is said that the clouding of smog over Delhi-NCR is caused due to the burning of stubble in the fields of Punjab and Haryana by the farmers. And if not stopped, will lead to the death of many in the region.

Entry of trucks & constructions are banned in Delhi 

In a measure to keep a control over the venom emitting smog over Delhi NCR, the administration in the capital has banned the influx of trucks from outstation and the construction of buildings and other commercial projects that may lead in multiplying of the menace of deadly smog. In fact, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) canceled exemption on women drivers and two-wheelers under the odd-even scheme for the vehicles was restarted this month. But the Delhi government did not the order passed by the NGT and had soon called- off odd-even scheme.

More about the air pollution in Delhi 

However, last week it was also rumoured that Delhi is likely to follow the footsteps of China in dealing with the crisis of smog that has largely affected the Northern India. The administration in association with many NGOs are urging people in Delhi and the nearby areas to stay indoors as much as possible, wear masks while stepping out, spray & sprinkle water outside on the roads near their houses so that the moisture is created and it will not make the atmosphere dry.

Let’s hope that the air quality in Delhi improves in the near future so that people can breathe in better and healthy environment.



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