While Delhi Seems Blur, Chandigarh Won’t See Smog in City & The Reason Might Surprise You

Smog is slowly engulfing the northern area of the country, national capital – Delhi being the worst hit by the condition. With a lot of stubble burning in the neighbouring states – Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh too got engulfed with similar smoggy conditions earlier in this month. As per the report, currently, the smoggy condition is not prevalent in the city beautiful and there are chances of similar smoggy conditions in the city beautiful.

Fog to be back in Chandigarh

On the other hand, as per the report, weathermen believe that there are chances of rainfall in Chandigarh in the next few days are bleak. It was further stated that clouds will be there partly but rain won’t happen anytime soon. As per the Indian Meteorological Department’s forecast, Chandigarh will witness foggy condition soon. There will be fog in certain areas in the tricity.

Fog will make a comeback in the region and as per the Indian Meteorological Department shallow to moderate fog is likely at isolated places during the early morning hours. There will be fog not just in Chandigarh, but over Punjab and Haryana as well. The forecast has been released by the Indian Meteorological Department for next five days.

Here’s why smog won’t occur in Chandigarh

According to the report, there was a drop in temperature due to the cold winds and clouds on Wednesday. The cool breeze led to a reduced temperature in Chandigarh and it was being speculated that the condition may further lead to rain in the city. As per the report, Chandigarh will not witness smog in the city now.

According to a Chandigarh Met Department official, there will be foggy conditions in the state but there are no chances of smog. It has been stated that this time, due to no windy situation air pollutants won’t turn fog into smog. In addition to this, though there are bleak chances of rain in the area but if it does in the near future, smoggy conditions in the neighbouring states will also reduce.

Stubble burning is one of the major reasons why the problem of smog has increased in the last few days, not just in the national capital Delhi, but also in Haryana, Punjab and lately, Chandigarh was also hit by its effects.

Source: Times of India

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