Now You Can Travel by Air Between Delhi And Chandigarh in Just Rs. 1299 By Availing These Offers

Vistara airlines have apparently decided to bring Diwali to its Chandigarh customers a little early this year. The Tata Sons owned Airline Company has announced its Diwali offers and there are some jaw-dropping discounts. The lowest prices for one way routes are as low as 1149 including taxes. Similarly, the Chandigarh-Delhi flight is priced at 1199 Rupees.

Diwali is the most exciting time for Indian consumers as all the businesses offer huge discounts on their products ranging from a variety of products. Vistara airlines seem to have joined the bandwagon with its Diwali sale offers. Chandigarh air travellers can now reach Delhi in 35 minutes in just a matter of 1199 Rupees. We were worried as the reports suggested that the air fare from Chandigarh will be hiked in a few days as the airport approaches maintenance work but Vistara airlines have made things easier for Chandigarh passengers. The economy air fare for Delhi-Chandigarh flight is 1199 Rupees while the passengers wanting to travel premium class will have to shed out 2599 Rupees.

The Vistara airline sale including routes like Delhi-Chandigarh went live earlier today and will be available for the next two days. The travel period is pretty generous as you can book tickets for up to March next year. Chandigarh passengers will have to book a ticket at least 15 days in advance in order to get a discount. The prices will go back to normal once the seats offered on a discount get sold out.

Chandigarh Airport maintenance work:

Work for the runway repair is done on the Chandigarh airport and the operations have been shelved after 4:00 PM. Due to this, experts had suggested that the air travel from Chandigarh might get expensive by up to 25%. However, Vistara’s Diwali sale ensures that Chandigarh citizens can be home in time for Diwali without burning a hole in their pockets.

Discounts are also available on the Jammu-Srinagar, Delhi-Goa and Delhi-Leh routes apart from Delhi-Chandigarh. Routes from other major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata are also under discounts along with Chandigarh routes. The cheapest flight in the Vistara Diwali sale was the Jammu-Srinagar at just 1149 Indian Rupees.

Chandigarh air fare hike news:

Air Travel Cost From Chandigarh Int. Airport Set To Increase | Likely To Be 25% Costlier

Source: BusinessToday


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