Now Delhi-Chandigarh Shatabdi on Sunday Afternoon Too | Check Timing & Price

Finally, the afternoon Shatabdi train will be operational from Chandigarh to New Delhi railway station on Sundays as well. The news came as a respite for the travelers who badly wanted Shatabdi express on Sunday noon to travel between Chandigarh and Delhi. The Chandigarh-New Delhi Shatabdi, that lies between the Chandigarh and New Delhi railway station (Train Number 12046) departs from the Chandigarh station at 12 at noon and reaches New Delhi railway station at 15:23 pm but it was operational only six days a week and had no route on Sundays. The passengers had demanded this train to be operational for a very long time.

Change in Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi train

The Northern Railway has finally received an approval from Indian Railways to ply Shatabdi Express 12046 on Sundays.The approval also states that the train is to be kept non-operational on Wednesdays. So, on one hand there is a good news that from October onward Chandigarh residents will get a Shatabdi on Sunday noon as well but on the other hand the afternoon Shatabdi on Wednesday will be discontinued. All the instructions are believed to be implemented October onward and the new timetable would also be introduced from the same month for the convenience of the passengers.

Shatabdi Journey Fare from Chandigarh to Delhi 

Fare of the Shatabdi varies between Rs 600 – Rs 1300 depending on CC (Chair Car) and EC (Executive Car) which includes Base fare, Reservation charges, Superfast charge, GST, Catering charges and may also include other charges and tatkal charges (if applicable).

Shatabdi timings from Chandigarh to Delhi 

  • The Kalka Shatabdi (Train number 12006) plies between Chandigarh (CDG) and Delhi (NDLS) seven days a week. It departs from the Chandigarh station at 6:53 in the morning and reaches the Delhi station at 10:20 am.
  • The Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi (Train number 12046) plies between Chandigarh (CDG) and Delhi (NDLS) six days a week. It departs from the Chandigarh station at 12:00 in the noon and reaches the Delhi station at 15:25 in the afternoon.
  • The Kalka Shatabdi (Train number 12012) plies between Chandigarh (CDG) and Delhi (NDLS) seven days a week. It departs from the Chandigarh station at 6:23 in the evening and reaches the Delhi station at 21:55 pm.

Both the trains — Train number 12006 and Train number 12012 runs between the two stations — Chandigarh-Delhi seven days a week but the Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi Train number 12046 runs between the stations only six days a week. The train has no service on Sundays. But after the decision of starting the services on Sunday the city residents will have more options to travel on a Sunday noon as well from Chandigarh to New Delhi railway station. Though the train would stop plying on Wednesday afternoon after October.

The train fares depend on the availability of seats and the date-in-advance the bookings are done!

Source: Times of India

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