Delhi Gets Its First AC Bus Stop & It’s Cool

Delhi people who commute through bus will no longer be sweating while standing at the Delhi bus station. If someone can survive Delhi’s heat then he/she can survive anything. Standing at the Delhi bus stand in scorching heat can shake you off from your complacency.

The Delhi temperature this year has gone past 44-degree celsius and is expected to reach 50 degrees very soon. To overcome this hot weather, the Delhi government led by Arvind Kejriwal has collaborated with Daikin India and will have its first AC bus stand very soon.

First AC Bus Stand In Delhi

All thanks to the Delhi government and Daikin India as Delhi will be having their first AC bus stand very soon. The Delhi’s first AC bus stand will be in South Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar. The task will be happening under the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Though AC service at the Delhi bus stand is only available at one station but this will definitely give a relief to a lot of people.

The people who regularly commute through buses are really thankful to the Delhi government for starting an AC service at the Delhi bus stand. A lot of people who travel by bus to their workplace, home and other places have to wait for their buses in such a sweltering hot weather. This move by the Delhi government is also a great step taken towards the development of the country’s capital.

Know More About The AC Bus Stand In Delhi

The AC Bus Stand in Delhi has been started on an experimental basis. The company will be investing a huge amount of money this project. However, the Delhi’s first AC bus stand will definitely give the people of Delhi a sigh of relief. Delhi’s heat is becoming unbearable day by day.

As per sources, the country has had more 4000 deaths due to the unbearable weather. Severe Heatwaves have also resulted in more than 500 deaths in the country. It is indeed a good initiative taken by Delhi government and hopefully with time the capital of India will have AC services in all the bus stands.

Source: Financial Times


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