Delhi | An IES Officer Sexually Assaulted a JNU Girl Student For 4 Years, Held

JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) in Delhi has been on the forefront when it comes to news. This time, it is something sad as an IES officer has been held for sexually assulting a girl studying at JNU for the past 4 yeras.

How would you feel when the protectors of law are violating them openly? How would you feel when an IES Officer who carries a great respect and extreme sense of responsibility is solely responsible of sexually harassing a girl? Yes, you heard it right. Shocking but true, sad but a reality, Government officer but a sinner ! Accused of molesting, harassing, sexually assaulting and even threatening to kill the girl, the 26-year old young officer has been arrested on Tuesday.

About the Story

Dated back to the year 2012, when the present JNU student was still a minor has been going through this trauma. The government official serving as an IES officer has been accused of sexually assaulting the girl all this while.

The JNU student accused him of once visiting her campus in a drunken state with his three friends and harassing her. The girl was so scared to step out of her hostel that she could not visit hospital even when she grew sick. The accused crossed all boundaries of playing with her life when he openly threatened to kill her if she refused to cater to his orders.

Allegations on the accused IES officer

Not accused of just one or two offences he committed to mortify the girl, following are the allegations made by the girl in her complaint to the police officials.

  • Molestation and Sexual Assault
  • Stalking publicly and on social media
  • Morphing pornographic pictures
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Threatened to kill
  • Blackmailing
  • Tried to physically harm with wire and knife
  • Not letting her focus on studies

Reasons Cited for the Act 

  • Family enemity
  • Personal Rivalry
  • Revenge mode
  • Broken friendship ties

Why it took so Long ?

The social stigma attached to a woman’s morality forbade her to lodge a complaint against the accused for all these years. She even concealed the entire scenario from her family, brother and friends to not invite troubles in her life. But, her silence broke one fine day after 4 years of torture and she decided to file a case against the IES officer on Sunday.

Action taken by the Police

The police officials sprung into action and took the man into their custody following the complaint that got registered by the girl on Sunday. The man was arrested on Tuesday and was interrogated thoroughly. The accused confessed to have known the girl for around six years and was produced before the court on the basis of serious charges filed against him. The court has remanded him into the jail while the girl’s statement could not be recorded who is still distressed and is undergoing counselling sessions.

An engineer by profession and serving Government of India by cracking the most competitive UPSC examination, this young official not only traumatised the woman but also brought disgrace to the society owing to his current status of an IES officer.

We salute the efforts of the young girl who despite of all the suffering stood for rights and hope that justice is granted to her by punishing the IES officer which could prove as a deterrent to other unscrupulous elements of the society.

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