Delhi’s 104 Year Old Famous Food Outlet – Karim’s is Now in Chandigarh

Karim’s is in Chandigarh and we are not kidding you. Risen from the streets of Jama Masjid Delhi, Karim’s established in the year 1913 has conquered Delhi’s territory and is all set to do the same to Chandigarh now.

The 104-year-old outlet serving Mughlai dishes in a unique style that has won hearts of many not only in India but the world, for tourists visiting India make sure they dine-in at this place once at least if they happen to be in the National Capital Delhi. With such huge branding and name, Karim’s in Chandigarh is soon going to carve a niche for itself for what we have for them is our all-time hungry “foodie Punjabi population.”

Karim’s Chandigarh – Location and Contact Details

Opening up its posh street smart restaurant in the commercial food hub of Sector 7, Chandigarh, Karim’s is sure to treat Chandigarhians with their worth drooling over lip-smacking preparations that go on from 11:00 am till 12:00 midnight. With its backside entry, great parking arena and commercial sector chosen as its location to open up Karim’s world famous outlet in Chandigarh, what we want from Karim’s is “the original authentic taste and aroma rising up from the streets of Delhi” in our Chandigarh region.

Location of Karim’s in Chandigarh : SCO 33 (back side entry), Sector 7, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh, 160019

Contact Details: 0172-3017777

Karim’s Menu and Prices

Famous for its “phirni, seekh kebab, brain curry, mutton biryani, nihari” and what not, the list goes endless but not its menu. Here’s what Karim’s menu has got for Chandigarh residents that drool over ‘non-veg dishes.’ Costing a nominal price of INR 800 (aprrox.) for two to dine-in, Karim’s has maintained its grounded nature for it respects your tastes without burning your pockets !

Chandigarh welcomes Karim’s – The ambience

Karim’s be it in Delhi or in Chandigarh won’t fail to amuse you because they bring forth with themselves a baggage of legacy to be maintained. And hello !! you won’t be surprised to note that they impart justice to each thing with utmost ingenuity at its peak. The street smart theme incorporated in its Chandigarh outlet, Karim’s outdoor seating and wifi availability gloriously adds a feather to the cap.

Non-Veg with a Twist – Karim’s for you in Chandigarh

No alteration in its original menu. Location is new but not the menu and we mean it. Yes, Karim’s has come to Chandigarh but has maintained its reputation of original recipes, chefs and even the “gosht” is procured from Delhi. That is the level of authenticity that this fourth generation of Karim’s successful running show business has brought to Chandigarh and we simply love it. Their twisted non-veg delicacies will make you lick you fingers but the aromatic flavours won’t go off even when you are at your last bite.

Haji Zain Ul Abedin, the fourth generation that runs and maintains the entire show since its establishment in 1913, they promise to deliver authenticity of genuine taste. With their aim to “serve royal food to common man”, Karim’s has already left its mark in Delhi. Chandigarh is the new teritory that Karim’s aim to conquer and surely we won’t mind being invaded by these “Mughlai forces in town.” Ladies and Gentlemen, Make way for ’em for “Karim’s is in Chandigarh.”

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