Delhi Metro Fares Revised | Check New Fares Between Station And Discounts

Fares of the Delhi Metro have been revised. Travelling by the Delhi Metro may now cost you more. For travelling by the Delhi Metro beyond 5 km from now on, the passengers must prepare themselves to shell out Rs 10 extra with another fare hike that has come into effect.

While all the journeys falling in the 2-5 km distance slab would cost the passenger Rs 5 more, it will affect most of the passengers who use the mass rapid transit to travel beyond 5 km distance. This is the second fee hike in the Delhi Metro Fares within five months from the last fare hike!

Different discounts on the Delhi Metro journeys

According to the report, Delhi Metro Smart card users will be able to save more than 10 per cent on each trip. According to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) estimates, the number of smart card user accounts to be around 70 per cent of the metro’s total ridership. The passengers who travel in the Delhi Metro using the Delhi Metro Smart card will continue to get 10 per cent discount on each ride.

An additional discount of 10 per cent will be offered to the passengers for travelling during off-peak hours. As per the report, the daily commuters may get an additional discount of 10 per cent during three diffrent slots. The additional discount will be offered in the morning, afternoon and night. While the morning discount will be offered from the beginning of services till 8 am, the afternoon discount will be offered between 12 pm and 5 pm whereas the night discount can be availed from 9 pm till the end of the services.

Check out the revised fares of Delhi Metro

The revised fare structure of the Delhi Metro would be between a minimum of Rs 10 to a maximum of Rs 60. According to the report, a journey up to 2 km would be charged at Rs 10, 2 to 5 km at Rs 20, while a journey between 5 to 12 km would be charged at Rs 30. Destinations between 12 to 21 km would be charged at Rs 40 while those falling between a distance of 21 to 32 km — Rs 50 and for all the journeys which are beyond 32 km a passenger may have to shell out more than Rs 60 from his pocket.

The revised fares would be applicable across all the five corridors — Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Violet. The  Delhi Metro crisscrosses the national capital- Delhi, and currently, has a total network length of about 213 km.

It has been reported that the revised Delhi Metro fares would not affect the fares of Airport Express Line (Orange Line).

Source: The Hindu


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