Delhi Mumbai Super Expressway Will Lessen Road Travel Time by Half | All Details You Should Know

Here comes a good news for all the travelers commuting between Delhi to Mumbai as their traveling time will soon be shortened to half of what it takes till date. Recently, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has released the information that the Delhi Mumbai Super Expressways will be built that will cover the distance of 1410 km in just 12 hours of time.

The ministry also informed about the ongoing work and told that the Delhi Mumbai Super Expressways will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the Super Expressways will connect Delhi with Jaipur followed by Kota to Vadodara and finally then connecting Mumbai in the second phase of the super expressway construction.

Delhi Mumbai Super Expressway will reduce traveling time to half

Currently, reaching Mumbai from Delhi or vice- versa nearly takes around 24 hours of traveling whereas, after the Super Expressways will be built, the same distance can be covered in just 12 hours from the origin to its destination. Each lane of the Delhi Mumbai Super Expressway will be of 3.5-metres in width which will be somewhat similar to other international standards followed in US (3.7 meters) or in Europe (2.75- 3.25 meters).

Not only the reduced traveling time but the upcoming Delhi Mumbai Super Expressways will also improve the infrastructure of the country, hence bringing forth India at par with other developed nations including US, Germany, China and many more. The ministry is in talks with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to calculate and formulate the construction of the super expressways in vast stretches and the number of lanes in every kilometer.

Other details related to the super expressways

Currently, the work is going on the Delhi-Jaipur Super Expressway which will soon end up in a time frame of approximately 1.5 years. This expressway will be the same as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and will set the benchmark for several similar projects across the country for better roads and better connectivity in future.

Till date, travelers commuting between Delhi and Mumbai only have an option of taking up Rajdhani express, which is a superfast train taking 16 hours of travel time. But now, the upcoming Delhi Mumbai Super Expressway will add another option of traveling in less time making it convenient for commuters.


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