After Delhi, Smog in Chandigarh is a Shock And a Cause of Concern for Chandigarhians

The Smoggy condition in Chandigarh and its neighbouring cities – Panchkula and Mohali is a cause of concern. Smog has become a national issue and has led to several accidents recently on several highways. As per the report, city beautiful – Chandigarh has witnessed smoggy conditions for the first time in the recent past. It has been reported that the prevailing smoggy condition in Chandigarh is likely to persist for coming few days.

Smoggy Condition in Chandigarh is a shock for Chandigarhians 

It is for the first time in the recent past that the city beautiful Chandigarh has witnessed the smoggy conditions that are prevailing in the area and some parts in Tricity for the past few days, especially during the wee hours. It has been confirmed by the Meteorological Department that the smoggy conditions over the city has been seen for the first time in recent past and there are majorly 2 factors responsible for this condition. The shallow smog, that has spread a thin blanket over Chandigarh is believed to be due to meteorological factor as well as the increasing local pollution. It has further stated that the smoggy condition is likely to continue in the region at least, till the end of this week.

Worst day for Chandigarh 

It was Sunday which is being considered as the worst day for Chandigarh- City Beautiful. The smoggy condition has worsened in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali region and it has been reported that the air quality has also reduced. The particles in the air with less than 2.5 mm diameter have increased to PM 2.5.

The director of the Meteorological Centre, Chandigarh has stated that the current smoggy condition which is prevailing over the city was not there in Chandigarh in the previous year. At present, a layer of smog is there over the city and is a cause of great concern.

Haryana and Punjab to be blamed for the smog over Chandigarh

Stubble burning by Chandigarh’s neighbouring states, Punjab and Haryana, has been a major contributor to the increasing pollution in the air. The fog is gradually turning into smog due to the smoke emitted by stubble burning and local pollution particles that get mixed with fog. In the last few years, Chandigarh did not see much smog as the weather conditions were better and the winds were dry and moderate.

The increasing smog in the air indeed a cause of concern for the city residents and a lot needs to be done to tackle this hazardous problem.

Source: Indian Express


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