Delhi | 6 Tihar Jail Prisoners To Go Out For Work Outside Jail Everyday

6 Tihar Jail inmates in Delhi are officially now permitted to work outside the Tihar prison. In the first ever decision of its kinds that was announced on April 5, 2017 took place in the meeting held by the Selection committee of Tihar Jail in Delhi on March 8, 2017. It was unanimously decided to allow these Tihar prisoners to work outside the premises of the jail because of the good behaviour and conduct portrayed by them all these years.

About the Move

  • The reformatory move has been taken up by the Tihar authorities in order to provide the inmates with an opportunity to start their lives afresh with a greater zeal.
  • The revolutionary decision is surely a great effort towards providing the convicts a fresh start towards life and giving them an opportunity to reform themselves willingly.
  • Filling their hearts with great amounts of vigour and vitality, the decision has imparted a sense of relief and gratuity in the hearts and minds of convicts towards the authorities of Tihar Jail.

Rules of the Decision 

The Tihar jail authorities have proclaimed the following norms to be complied by the selected few:

  • Allowed to work for 12 hours daily outside the prison
  • The allotted time is from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Inmates are expected to report to the Tihar Jail by 8:00 pm sharp
  • They are to spend their nights in the jail premises only
  • Can work in any field under shopkeepers or any factory

Fortunate Prisoners in Open Tihar Jail

The impending decision was taken up the by the selection committee who selected 6 such convicts serving life-imprisonment in the Tihar Jail. A list of 78 such prisoners was prepared out of which 6 were fortunate enough to have been selected for the opportunity. The selection was purely based on the nature and conduct of the inmates which was closely observed by the authorities.

Tihar jail has two sections mainly- prison cells and semi-open sections. The open sections are flats made available to those who have good conduct in the jails as a part of encouraging move towards reformation. The inmates have already spent more than decade, precisely 12 years in the jail as a part of their punishment verdict in these Tihar jail open sections, who are very happy with the decision.

 Agendas of the Decision

The move aims to achieve the following with the enforcement of this decision :

  • Reformation of the convicts
  • Giving them an opportunity to start afresh
  • Putting their skills to use for their overall development
  • Holistic approach to reform Tihar Jail
  • Enabling Tihar prisoners to stand on their feet through self-employment
  • Aid them remove their negative memories of past
  • Would give Tihar inmates a reason to move on and work for betterment of themselves

Beating the Odds

Though it is shocking to note that the selected fortunate prisoners of Tihar Jail are serious convicts of cases like murders and other heinous crimes. The contrasting selection of inmates as compared to the crimes they have convicted put us in a state of doubt and enigma but simultaneously provide us with a feeling to take pride in, not knowing which side of heart to trust. Stepping out of four walls of confinement to breathe fresh air of freedom for a few hours surely would be a bliss for them.

Beating the conventions of holistic approach towards inmates introduced by Kiran Bedi during her tenure to reform Tihar Jail, Delhi literally into a college campus, the move surely is a step ahead towards Modern India. A perfect example of the evolution of the Mankind, Isn’t it?

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