Delhi | Young German National Brutally Attacked & Robbed by Auto Driver

Delhi | In yet another horrifying incident engulfing National Capital – Delhi, a German teenager boy was brutally attacked by an auto-driver and his accomplice.  Attack by a sharp-edged weapon most probably a blade has been suspected in the probe bringing in ignominy to our nation. Many such attacks on foreign nationals in recent past have been observed in Delhi, which is turning out to be the most dreaded cities in terms of ever increasing crime rates in the region.

German Attacked in Delhi

The incident is traced back to last Friday night at around 11:00 pm , when the 19-year old boy boarded an auto from the heart of Delhi- Chandni Chowk area. The auto-driver cunningly made another man sit beside the boy while they were on their way to Kashmere Gate to execute the heinous attack. Just before reaching the destination stop at Geeta Colony area, the accomplice of the auto-driver attacked the boy with a sharp-edged weapon suspected to be a blade in this case, and robbed him of his cash and belongings.

Not satisfied with the same, the attacks continued which made the boy jump out of the moving auto to defend himself from the attackers injuring him further.Fortunately, a passer-by motorcyclist aided the boy and dropped him to a nearby hospital for he needed an immediate medical assistance.

About the German Boy

The German national is identified as Benjamin Scolt is now getting medical assistance at a local hospital is in a state of shock and disbelief. The nineteen-year-old boy suffered injuries post the brutal attacks. Since the attack was primarily focused on his facial area, the youngster has suffered injuries and marks majorly on his face. The attack followed by robbing has left a serious negative impression in the mind of the young lad who fears the city and its residents now.

What Authorities have to say?

Since, the attackers fled the spot post the heinous crime, they went absconding for a long time. The police officials have nabbed the duo and are probing the incident to get the further details. Expressing grief and strict action against the attackers, External Affairs Minister has also demanded a complete report of the incident citing details. Furthermore, the minister has urged medical authorities to provide the teenager boy with the best medical assistance for his speedy recovery.

Rising number of such cases and brutal attacks have imparted the city to be real unsafe. Miscreants in the form of auto drivers and commoners attacking people has become a menace. The most depressing thing is that it becomes cumbersome to figure out Who’s who? or rather Who’s What? Unmasking the truth is a task, till then we wish the boy a speedy recovery from physical as well as mental trauma.

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