7 Areas in Chandigarh That Are Most Vulnerable to Dengue

Dengue – this word is more dangerous than it sounds. Chandigarh has seen a lot of dengue victims during these monsoons and everyone is concerned. We all know that diseases like Dengue & Malaria are caused by mosquitoes and if we talk about Chandigarh, it is hard to believe that a lot of people have already been affected by these diseases. Although, we are sure that you might be taking required precautions as to not get trapped by this disease, here is a list of 7 areas in Chandigarh that are more vulnerable to Dengue.

This list has been prepared by the Malaria wing of Chandigarh Health Department based on the cases received.

  • Sector 41: This area has villages around and people residing use coolers which has stagnant water and these are unclean according to health department. People here also use containers which are never emptied so overall, stagnant water remains to be the culprit for this area.  
  • Sector 42: People of this area have a small lake in their sector. This sector is adjoining to “Attawa” which has very unclean and dirty practices as the people of that area are not much aware of consequences.
  • Sector 45: Popularly known as Burail, this area is very much popular for its dark side, where people here are not living in healthy environment and also the narrow roads make the conditions even worse during the rainy season.
  • Maloya: This area has open fields and yes you guessed it right , according to Dr. Aggarwal also “Stagnant water is again a culprit for this area” . Ongoing construction activity adds on to the problem.
  • Manimajra: This area has most of the labour class residing and since they use coolers which are not regularly cleaned, unclean stagnant water remains to be the main reason for dengue in the locality.
  • Mauli Jagran: High density of people in this area is a main concern. According to Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal, Anti Malaria Officer, UT health department, People lack cleanliness here hence add on to the number of cases from the locality.
  • Sector 15: Well, This area might be an unexpected addition for many but this area too reports maximum number of cases. Reason suspected is large number of paying guests in the area which use coolers and the stagnant water is not regularly changed in them.

The health department is now paying an extra attention to these areas and strongly keeping a check so as the pace of increasing dengue cases can be curbed. If you live in any of these areas or even nearby, we request you to keep a proper check on mosquito breeding.

And, in case you have fever, contact your doctor immediately.


Navkiran Deora

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